2016 May 12

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May 2016
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Good evening. Increasing clouds this evening making for a pretty sunset. The sun is the size of the sun on the farm bureau logo. 75 degrees this evening but not real humid with a dew point around 35. Light breeze with occasional gusts.

Gas prices are up somewhat, with the summer driving season getting underway. Glad I filled up last week.

Good morning. Today is going to be a nice one. Sunny with a high around 78. Ten degrees above average. Rain and much cooler tomorrow and Saturday. Sunday will be partly sunny but cold with a high around 59 and a bone chilling northwest winds. But for now, this morning is 55 degrees and sunny. Not too bad for sure. I see people out fishing on the river taking full advantage of the nice weather.

State fair opens in 15 weeks. August 25th. Election Day is 180 days away. Thanksgiving is 28 weeks away. Too far to give it much thought.

I got a new Google Map for the blog today, but not sure which one will be featured today. We will see shortly.

Dusk is at 8:40 pm tonight. It really expands the time I can be down at park in the evening, especially on nice warm evenings like tonight. I can’t wait to get camping again on a nice warm summer evening like we’ve been having recently. Maybe next weekend, when dusk is even later.

Lupine Festival this weekend maybe cloudy and rainy at times but I don’t expect a wash out. Hoping after I get done from manning the booth,  I can get out for a walk and take some pictures of the lupine.

Happy 2nd Amendment Day in Pennsylvania … They say that state with an ample deer population and the second largest rural population in America has the largest number of gun owners and hunters. Venison is awesome and shooting guns is fun.

Today in 1933, the Agricultural Adjustment Act is enacted to restrict agricultural production by paying farmers subsidies. There are many interesting supreme court cases relating to the AAA, some that greatly expanded the powers and reach of the federal government over ordinary people’s lives.

Have a great day. Get out enjoy the weather, and maybe while your at, get out and do some target shooting.