2016 May 11

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Albany, NY
Charles Baker State Forest
Delmar, New York
Elm Avenue Town Park
New York State
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May 2016
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Sitting out back right now looking up at the moon and stars above. In the hour or so past dusk the temperature has dropped a bit, we are now down to 58 degrees. Still a quite pleasant evening. I hear deer crashing through the woods where the marshy, partially piped under Phillipin Kill runs. Not quite the wilderness but still some solitude out back.

I went down to the park for a while this evening after the town board meeting. Nice evening down at the park. The passed a resolution condemning the Pilgrim Pipeline and I had no problem speaking against that. I had no idea why I was invited to the meeting by my friend, but it was worthwhile. Passing a strong anti-Piligrim pipelines law with a lot of public support sends a message. A lot of municipalities have been voicing their opposition to this pipeline.

While I watched the PBS Newshour tonight, I on put together some more Google Maps. Tomorrow I’ll start featuring them. I made maps of farm wineries, median income of Pennsylvania, and one of income by block group in Clinton County. Should be real interesting to look at during the coming week. A week from Friday the local April unemployment numbers come out and they’ll be fun to map too.

Well have a great evening. Sleep well.

74 degrees and sunny on the bus ride home, although I guess I’m stopping at the Town Hall for the town meeting as I was asked to come to some kind of rally on something or another. I’ll stop by for a while and then hopefully head home so I can get down to the park around 7 pm or so.

Today was just non-stop at work today. Phone kept ringing and emails kept coming in. There just is so much stuff going on for sure. I’ll be glad when this week is over, that is once the Lupine Festival is done and I can relax Saturday night. I don’t know why I’ve been so swamped with things but I swear when it rains, it pours.

I’m glad the weather has finally warmed up and got sunny. I hope this trend remains for the second half of the month, Showers on Saturday and 69. Partly sunny and a frigid 59 for a high on Sunday. That’s complete bull sheet for the second weekend of May.

Good morning on this beautiful Twilight Zone Day. 56 degrees and sunny. Looking at a beautiful day with a high around 74. That’s about seven degrees above normal. We enter the twilight zone at sunset around 8:07 pm and it concludes at dusk around 8:39 pm. At twilight it will be 66 degrees under clear skies. A low tonight of 45 degrees which is one degree below normal.

Spring has arrived. Sunday will already be May 15th. 40 days until the official start of summer. Five months until September 11th. I look forward to getting up to the Adirondacks next week or maybe Memorial Day Weekend. Assuming that the weather doesn’t return to frigid conditions or rain. This year I’m not going to sit up at Moose River Plains for three days in 40 degrees pouring rain.