2016 May 10

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Albany, NY
Washington Park
West Capital Park

May 2016
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As they say, when you shift out crawl gear into second, things seem to go smoother. Not quite passing gear but I think there is hope for the weekend. Sixty nine as we head into the 7 o’clock hour. A pretty nice spring evening. I can’t wait until I get home.

While I’ll definitely do my evening walk, this evening I have to work on the Save the Pine Bush display update for the Lupine Festival which in part involves downloading some old Orthophotos to the extent I can find them. I probably will work on this on the outside bench at the library.

A nice spring afternoon. Some high clouds putting some gray in the sky, but with temperatures around 63 degrees, a dewpoint of 30 and slack wind, it feels quite delightful out there. Expect 68 degrees around 3 PM. Dusk tonight is at 8:38 PM with temperatures dropping to low 60s and upper 50s by 9 PM.

Get out and enjoy the nice weather. 

20 days to Memorial Day.
Columbus Day is now six months away.
Election Day is 26 weeks away.

The nine o’clock update is that it’s an awful nice day out there. It’s 51 degrees under bright blue skies lush green grass as we head up to 68. Spring time is one of the best times of the year.

Kind of sucks that I’m off to work….

Been thinking about what I’m going to do the next few weekends. In less than three weeks it will be Memorial Day Weekend. I don’t want to go up to Moose River Plains this year for that holiday but I’m undecided on where to go. Maybe Vermont, I haven’t spent much time there recently but the traffic on NY 7 is bound to be horrific on Memorial Day Weekend. Then there is Vanderwhacker Wild Forest, but that is bound to involve taking the Adirondack Parking lot all the way north, and Northway with low gas prices and good economy on a nice holiday weekend is bound to be hopelessly clogged with hundreds of thousands trying to get to the Adirondacks.

This weekend is the Lupine Festival but next weekend if it’s nice, I plan to head up to Hope Falls area or maybe NY 8 and the East Branch of the Sacanadaga. It sure would be nice to spend some time in the wilderness and hit up the Sacanadaga River for trout fishing. We shall see how things.

Have a great Tuesday. We are in the second gear of the week, but before you know it will be direct drive then we’ll shift it down into a Friday.

Warming up fast this sunny spring morning. At 5 AM it was 35. Now up to 49 degrees as we head up to 68 degrees later this afternoon. That’s seasonable weather for today. Get out and enjoy it!