2016 May 05

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Albany, NY
Bethlehem Public Library
East Branch Sacandaga River
Lawson Lake County Park
Washington Park

May 2016
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Good evening. Continued cloudy conditions around 58 degrees. No rain expected but kind of stuck in the cloudy pattern. 47 degrees for a low tonight with a chance of showers by morning. Sunset tonight at 8 pm even in Albany. Not exactly a real nice evening for Cinco de Mayo on a patio somewhere.

Five months from now will be Labor Day. Fortunately in the meantime, we have a lot of summer to enjoy. After all, it’s only just the beginning of May.

Good morning. Continued cloudy, damp, cool conditions today but not much rain expected. It’s 49 degrees now and we expect to reach 57 later. The average high for today is 66 degrees. Not exactly a nice day for sitting on a patio sipping a cold one on this Cinco de Mayo. The wet conditions and warmer nights have really made the leaves start to pop. Getting pretty green outside.

Uploaded some new maps to the blog including an Albany County population density map for today. It shows population density in persons per acre which is kind of interesting to look at the city versus surrounding areas.

Tomorrow is Friday. That makes me happy as its been a long week. I left my headphones home, so I don’t have music to entertain me on the bus ride. That sucks but I made the bus in time.

On Cinco de Mayo in 1866, Memorial Day first celebrated in United States at Waterloo, New York. Now that area is primarily known for the Seneca Meadows landfill, which actually dwarfs that small city.

Have a great day. Sorry that the weather sucks.