2016 April 30

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Finger Lakes National Forest
Ithaca, New York
Robert H. Treman State Park
Watkins Glen State Park

April 2016
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Final night on my road trip to the Finger Lakes. Nice evening with the spring peepers singing their song but a bit cool and breezy. Currently 48 degrees. I ended up pulling out my heater again because that breeze is a bit chilly.

Went down to Ithaca today and explored Cayuga Inlet in my kayak. Went out briefly on Cayuga Lake but despite the relatively calm winds I don’t like to be on such a big lake. Nice paddling, did some fishing but as was the case all week, didn’t have much luck. I got to brush up on my techniques, I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Traffic sucked in Ithaca. I just hate sitting in traffic so much. I did get the replacement globe for the lantern for what that’s worth. Works great. Refilled the small portable tank and have used the lantern on and off this evening. I wanted to check out Buttermilk Falls Park but it was pretty crowded with limited parking so I decided to head back to camp.

Spent most of the evening back at camp taking things down and just kind of hanging out. Took down the tarps, moved photos to the camera, started a fire fairly early. Before bed, I want to get things put away except for the camp stove, table, and buckets. I am assuming heavy rain by morning but I still want to have coffee in the morning.

Having a good fire tonight as the ground is damp from last night and rain is coming in the next hour. Tonight might be the end of the trip but I plan to make the most of it. Soon though, I’ll take down the flag and the lights.

Rain is north of the Pennsylvania border and will be here by midnight. But so be it. Tomorrow is about heading home. All great adventures must become to an end. It’s been cold and gray for most of the trip but still got to do many fun things.

Sunrise tomorrow in Hector at 6:02 am. Good night.