2016 April 27

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April 2016
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Good evening. A chilly evening with temperatures around 36 degrees with a stiff northerly breeze. The low for tonight is 30 degrees but at least in Finger Lakes, that breeze will make it feel much cooler.

I got the propane tank refilled today in Auburn today and I’m damn happy about it. It a cool night. Wish I almost had warmer clothes with me but the heater is helping. I have a small campfire but it’s very small because with the breeze I’m concerned of a fire risk. I’m overly cautious with fire. Stupid mistakes mean more restrictions on our freedom. I will drown and cover the fire with mud to make sure it’s fully out by bed time. They got rain here yesterday and things are muddy but still not greened up. The campsite is free of leaves and grass around the fire pit but the pasture across the road is still mostly brown. Needless to say, the cows aren’t out yet. Always is entertaining when the herd comes over to visit on the summer.

Didn’t have any luck fishing today. I think it was two dang cold for the bullhead and other fish to be biting in Nelson Swamp. The spot I fished in Cazenovia, the new public fishing area in NY 96, looked like it had some good trout holes but the two or three times I’ve fished there, never had much luck.

Those hills just past Cazenovia on US 20 are pretty steep. I forgot how much a climb they are. Burned some serious gas climbing them with the kayak on the roof and the truck loaded down. But it’s vacation. Still a lot less energy then taking an airplane down south.

My smartphone was great for finding a place for refilling the propane tank. Just did a Google Search and it took me right to a U-Haul place to fill the tank. I was happy with the result and didn’t freeze tonight.

Checked out Montezuma. I was surprised how Montezuma is only like 15 minutes from Auburn. It was nice but the main federal refuge is kind of divided by the roar of the Thruway. I also checked out the Audubon Center and some of the state land know as the Northern Montezuma WMA. The northern parcels are a lot quiter although the state land is mostly leased farm land with some muck marshes in between. It’s kind of interesting that the best farm land is also the best land for wildlife. Indeed, the best corn regions in America are the best places for high deer populations and monster bucks. I’m not really a birder but it still was interesting to explore and visit some of rural Wayne County, including the hamlet of Savana and the muck country and farm land around there. My heart is with the rural poor, they have the best toys and the most fun.

Drove through Seneca Falls but did not stop. The country between Seneca Falls and Ovid is pretty flat dairy country, high on the hills between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. Somewhat boring but still interesting.

After a while I started to disagree with Waze and started taking my own way to the National Forest, taking Lodi Center Road South. Eventually I remember where I was. Got to the National Forest, and set up camp. Gathered a small amount of wood and waited to dusk to start the fire.

Nice evening but cold. Dusk wasn’t until 8:35 pm in the Finger Lakes. Nice starry evening, that 3 watt LED bulb lights up the flag just perfectly with a nice warm color. My old flag bulb would have a colder color when the air temperature was colder. Also, while you can’t see it in the photos, the flag light always lights up the trees, which looks beautiful as the stars sit in between the tree branches, especially in the winter.

While I wish it was warmer out, still a pleasant evening next to the heater. It seems like the heater burns a lot of propane, but in my experience I burn through a 20 lb tank full every 6-7 nights camping. I’ve gone through two tank fulls since November, or about 20 nights camping. It costs about $18 to fill which means about $2.50 a night. I wouldn’t have done so much winter camping without the heater. I expect my fuel use will drop when I’m using propane for light and cooking food throughout the summer – and leaving the heater home.

Tomorrow starts out sunny with clouds creeping in later. Cool with a high around 52 degrees. Might be good for trout fishing tomorrow. I got to get some photos uploaded. Showers possible tomorrow evening, so I may hang up the tarp. Usually the tarp keeps the rain away.

I’m going to retire soon for the night. Sleep well. Dawn is at 5:33 am with sunrise is at 6:04. That’s only like seven hours away, so I probably won’t awake right away for dawn unlike today. But I do have the coffee pot ready for tomorrow, so once I get up, I’ll have coffee within 5 minutes thanks to how fast the stove brings the water to a boil in the percolator. Nice breakfast of eggs and sausage tomorrow. No rush to get going tomorrow.

I will get photos uploaded tomorrow, especially once I have a better Internet connection in Watkins Glen. Really, I should get to bed because the sun will be in my eyes before you know it.

Good morning. Cold start to our Hump Day. 27 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. For a while this morning I saw the sun but now it is gone. I blame Obama. It was quite pretty for a while this morning. In a little bit, I’m going to hit up fishing hole in Cazenovia Creek that I like and hopefully limit out on trout by mid morning, so I can head to Montezuma. Bragging assures I won’t catch a thing. Lol.

A bit cold this morning. I will get the propane filled today so I’m not cold for the rest of the week. That new stove is great, I had piping hot coffee within 5 minutes of getting up. Had to turn down the stove in two minutes because it was boiling over.

Sunny with a high giving out at 47 degrees at least in Nelson. Certainly warmer back in Albany and probably so in the Finger Lakes. The balance of the week will be sunny but about 5-10 degrees below normal for the last week of April.

Sunset tonight in Nelson will be at 8 pm with dusk at 8:30. Obviously earlier back in Albany. Despite the cool weather, should be a good pretty decent day.