2016 April 26

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Delmar, New York
Kane Mountain Fire Tower
Nuclear Power
Stoney Pond

April 2016
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Good evening. 35 degrees, cloudy, and damp at Stoney Pond in Madison County. 29 degrees and clearing by morning. It’s a lot colder here then in Albany and much fewer leaves on the trees. Kind of a wet drive out here. But the rain stopped by the time I set up camp, so I didn’t have to set up a tarp.

I guess I am out of propane in the big tank. I can still run the lantern off the big tank but neither the stove or the heater will run on it. For the camp stove, I was able to run it on a portable disposable tank I brought as a backup. I will get the big tank refilled tomorrow in Auburn and then refill the disposable tank later using my refill adapter. Kind of a chilly without the heater on my back but next to the fire with ample clothes on it’s reasonably warm.

The small 3-watt LED light bulb I got for the flag seems to work well. It is bright enough and helps to save a lot of power. The 2013 7 watt LED bulb I have still works but has been retired for other uses.

There was a lot of cops along US Route 20 coming out here this evening. At one point it looked like they had a trap out for someone… More than just a simple speed trap. Maybe it was just one of the anti-texting or anti-speeding initiatives. Waze is great but there aren’t the reports on the back roads. Then again, I’m a pretty slow driver, so I don’t speed and I don’t text while driving.

With the new camp stove, I set up the coffee tonight so as soon as I get up in the morning I can turn the stove on and get the stove going. I think it’s probably safe to leave coffee out overnight as I don’t think most wildlife would be interested in coffee grounds. We will see. But I’ve never had problems in the past.

Tomorrow it’s off to fishing at Cazenovia Creek than Montezuma for wildlife viewing then down to the Finger Lakes National Forest for day two of the trip. Sunny and 47 degrees tomorrow. Should be a nice day.

Good morning. Rain and 40 degrees today. The heaviest rain starting around 10 AM, so be prepared. The rain will tapper off in the afternoon, then partly cloudy skies tonight with a low around 33. Sunny skies tomorrow with a high around 58.

I have a little more packing to do, then I’m off. Have a great day!