2016 April 25

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53 degrees. I can assure you that the much needed rain is coming. Not here yet but soon. I’m pretty much packed except for food and personal care products for the camping trip. Planning to leave work at 3 pm so I can set up camp before dusk. Low tonight around 42 degrees. Cool and rainy tomorrow with a high that will struggle to reach 44. I think I will be glad I have the Big Buddy Heater come tomorrow along with nice kiln dry firewood that I’ll buy at Stewart’s.

Dawn is at 5:24 AM and sunrise is at 5:57 AM under what looks to be a nice wet day. But we need the rain. Depending on the forecast you look at the rest of the week either looks quite nice or showery. Regardless I’m prepared. Good night.

Good evening. 57 degrees and cloudy this evening. Not exactly a delightful spring evening. But we are getting a half inch of much needed rain tonight into tomorrow. So it’s hard to complain.

Almost no traffic heading out of the city because school is not session this week. I’m hoping to get an early start out of work tomorrow so I can get to camp before dark. I don’t mind setting up in the dark as much as I hate driving after dark.

My priorities tonight are the Young Democrats meeting, finish packing clothes and get the kayak on the roof of my truck. I want to try to be to work on time tomorrow, so I can leave as early as possible to avoid driving after dark.

Sunset tonight is at 7:50 pm and dusk at 8:21. It will be about ten minutes later tomorrow after I head west. I am looking forward, it should be a nice trip. Five weeks until Memorial Day.

Happy Arbor Day. 49 degrees and cloudy. I like trees. They are warm when you burn them for heat and make for some nice campfires. Plus they absorb a fair bit of carbon produced by burning said trees.

I picked up my dry cleaning and made the express bus downtown although I may have briefly exceeded the speed limit on the bypass to make it. Normally I don’t drive down to the bus stop but with picking up the dry cleaning I already had the truck out and running. Even though the axle ratio is high on my truck it still kicks down pretty good with the six speed when you ask it to.

Construction continues on the 787 with some stop and go traffic. I don’t care, I’m not driving. I would avoid it though if I were you.

Sixty degrees later with rain coming in at some point. I actually saw some sprinkles on my windshield this morning. Hopefully the rain will hold off this evening when I put the kayak on the roof of my truck.

Today in 1901, New York becomes the first U.S. state to require automobile license plates. Back in the horse and buggy days they weren’t required. Apparently horse back riders weren’t fleeing the scenes of fatal crashes as much.

Back in 1954, the first practical solar cell is publicly demonstrated by Bell Telephone Laboratories. I think there is a strong future in solid state electricity generation once we figure out how to fully integrate it into our society.

The next bus stop is mine. Have a great Arbor Day.

Good morning. I’m glad I replaced the worn out windshield wiper on my truck, it’s most likely going to rain at least tomorrow morning. Rain gives up the ghost for Tuesday afternoon. Cloudy and 49 degrees now with temperatures getting up to 65 degrees later. Rain comes in late tonight or most likely, early tomorrow.

Don’t have time to procrastinate this morning. I got to get to the dry cleaners. Have a great day.