2016 April 19

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Albany County
Delmar, New York
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Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
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April 2016
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I sat out back briefly before deciding it was too cool to sit outside. It’s 55 degrees but with the breeze feels much cooler. I had a beer then came inside and are now watching the PBS Newshour. I could listen to the NPR live coverage of the New York Primary but I figure I don’t really need to hear the pundits guess until we have actual news.

Tonight the low will be 37 degrees which is cool but only slightly below normal. Tomorrow 62 degrees and sunny but with less wind. Waxing Gibbous Moon with about 90% visible until almost 6 AM. Daybreak at 5:34 AM and sunrise at 6:05 AM.

Tomorrow my landlord is coming to fix the leaky sink faucet. I’m always a bit creeped out about having him over, even though it’s just an economic relationship – I pay him for the privilege of using his property. It was kind of the same with the rental truck I had. Things wear out and I’ve been here for a while. I’m glad it’s getting fixed.

The long range forecast only looks so-so for my trip. But it’s a long ways off. Even if I have a day of rain or clouds, I’ll find good ways to make the most of my adventure. I look forward to getting out of town.

Blustery afternoon about 63 degrees. Only down a degree or so from earlier but the breeze makes it feel cooler. Sunset at 7:43 pm and dusk at 8:12. Mostly clear skies at dusk, around 55 degrees but fairly blustery. Tonight will be fairly chilly with a low around 37 in the city. Sunny and 62 tomorrow.

I got to vote tonight for Bernie. I will stop by my polling place on the way down to the park. I also created a spreadsheet for tallying and ultimately mapping the 157 county / congressional districts combinations that will be reported tonight. I made a special shape file to map the data. I don’t expect to get a chance to post it until later in the week. The Democratic Primary results should be quite interesting and much more detailed then we normally get for statewide races.

Traffic is crawling along on 787 with the construction. But I think I’ll get home close to on time. I have a feeling this is the last year for them tearing up the road. All construction projects must eventually come to an end.

If it’s going to be this cloudy and damp, it might as well rain. Still at about 50 degrees. Sun returns for the afternoon but breezy around 64. I’m fine with that, though the red flag conditions this evening suck. Sunny for Wednesday, clouds creep in in Thursday and on and off showers on Friday. Seasonable or slightly above average weather for the rest of the week.

Today in 1775, the American Revolution began. The war begins with an American victory in Concord during the battles of Lexington and Concord. Many Americans now disagree with the revolution and wish we were still part of the British monarchy, but so be it. Our country’s revolutionary start, our protection of basic rights, and our agrarian roots should not be forgotten.

Hopefully today will be a pretty quiet day, although I suspect with the breeze and seasonable weather I’ll need a sweater when I go down to vote. Yesterday’s warmth was nice, and it’s April so it’s not expected to last. Things are continuing to green up in the city, especially in warmer locations like on the plaza.

Oh well. Almost to work at this point. Have a nice day and look forward to a nicer afternoon….

Good morning. Happy Presidential Primary Day in New York. Not to be confused with Congressional Primary Day on June 28th or State Primary Day on September 13th. Polls open at noontime during primaries upstate.

Fifty degrees this morning under cloudy skies. The dew point is 46 degrees and it’s cool and damp this morning. 64 degrees later with gradual clearing expected to get underway mid day. The dew point will drop and wind will pick up, leading on red flag conditions.

Tonight sunset is at 7:43 pm under clear but blustery conditions around 54. Getting down to 39 degrees under clear skies by morning. Sunny and 62 for Hump Day, which is two degrees above normal.

Have a great Presidential Primary Day!