2016 April 18

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Albany County Rail Trail
Crane Mountain
Delmar, New York
Democratic Party
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Moreau Lake State Park
Northern Escarpment Trail
Severance Hill

April 2016
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As we head into the 10 o’clock hour, it is 65 degrees and moonlit night. While you can see some of the stars, there are a lot of moonlit clouds above. Occasionally a cool breeze but pretty nice this evening. Went down to the park for a while this evening, and played on my laptop and did the evening walk.

Even with the time change, dawn is at 5:35 am and sunrise is at 6:05. Good if you’re a dairy farmer or early riser but for the rest of us it’s pretty early. That said, I try to get an early start and walk to the bus stop. Today, not so early as I had to drop off my dry cleaning at the dry cleanera.

Tonight we have a slight chance of showers around dawn and into the beginning of the new day with a low around 49. Pretty mild for April. Tomorrow will be more seasonable with a high around 64 degrees and clearing throughout the day.

Tomorrow is Presidential Primary Day in New York. I will be voting when I walk down to the park tomorrow after work. Probably will vote for Bernie Sanders for the primary. I think on the Democratic side of things his heart is in the right place. I think he’s more likely to listen to people then other candidates. Having the first woman president would be great too, although I may consider a more conservative candidate that’s closer to my views when the general election rolls around. Congressman Paul Tonko has my vote though for sure.

I think the landlord fixed my leaky sink as its no longer dripping but I’ll keep things neat and clean in case he swings by tomorrow. I don’t know the leak wasn’t that bad and it’s possible that the washer fixed it self or it got a tighter seal after I cleaned up the faucet. I am always creeped out by letting my landlord snoop around the apartment and find everything that I’ve broke over the years, although most of the damage is ordinary wear and tear that renters don’t normally bother to repair themselves. Humidity is a problem in my apartment which causes the drywall to be soft and hangers come loose, for appliances to rust, and mold to creep in. The mold is under control after ample use of concentrated bleach sprayed everywhere, but it also has accelerated the patina that has formed on the refrigerator. I don’t have company over. But I love the location and it’s cheap. Maybe things would be drier on humid summer days if I had air conditioning, but that’s not something I’m willing to have at home.

I usually do my wash at my parents house during Sunday dinner. But they had yet another washing machine break down. So I’ve been going to the laundromat. Which I don’t mind, because those machines are fast. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever own a laundry machine. I’m looking at eventually a tiny house or at least a small one off grid, and washing machines require high voltage electricity and take up a lot of space. I’d rather spend my money on land then a fancy house. Washing machines break down a lot and while laundromats aren’t cheap, when the costs are added together – replacement machines, water electricity, etc. – it’s wash. A family with children is probably a different situation to a single guy though.

Honestly, as long as I can have a hot shower to get clean – propane tankless water heaters are cheap nowadays – I don’t care much about the rest. I’m fine with wood heat, bucket toilets and outhouses and either propane lighting or 12 volt LED lighting and a small inverter for things like running my laptop and monitor. With my Smartphone, I see no reason to have Internet at home. I like camping and as long as I can get a hot shower and in insulated enough place in the winter, I’m more than happy to do that full time.

Forgot to plug-in the my Digital TV tuner, so I didn’t tape the PBS Newshour at 6:30. But I came inside and caught the 10 pm rebroadcast. I used to listen to NPR a lot more for news, but the pictures on the Newshour help to better tell the story. I like how Newshour really explains the issues, and how diverse the anchors are… One is black, one is Indian, and many are women. In contrast, most of the major networks are overly white and prone to gossip over real news.

I’m going to watch a bit more of the Newshour and then off to bed…

Today got up to 80 degrees but it’s now dropped down to 77 degrees as thas progressed under partly cloudy skies with a lot of high clouds around. Should be a nice evening for heading down to the park in a bit.

Construction is well underway on the 787, so traffic is moving slowly tonight. But I’m sure I’ll eventually make it home. Kind of tired this evening. Just a lot of silly stuff going on. I worry a bit too much at times.

I was watching traffic on the bus tonight as was noticing how many people are playing on their phones in traffic. I never touch my phone when I’m driving except to report a cop or accident, and only a pinky tap or two with it in the cradle. I do use Waze constantly to check my speed, and have it set so apps and messages automatically pop up in the screen without further prompting. Sometimes I get important messages while driving. Email is 24/7 with work these days. If I need to reply back, I pull over in a safe location and put my truck in park.

I don’t know why that’s hard, when the cellphone cradles are like $15 at Walmart and keep the phone in your visible range for hands free use in the line of sight of the road. I don’t like the campaign against texting while driving, as briefly tapping a phone shouldn’t be a crime, but people shouldn’t be holding a phone while driving or engaging in extensive interactions with their phones while driving.

Pretty sure which camp stove I’m going to buy but I will wait until the weekend to pick it up. Not sure if I’m going out of town this weekend but I want to test it out before heading out for the five day trip next Tuesday. It should be a nice week.

How To Game The DNC Delegate Vote Without Hurting Your Candidate.

"For those who will back Clinton, for example, their vote next to her name is the only one that matters for determining how many delegates she’ll get. So if they happen to really like one or two of Sanders’ delegates, they can give them their backing to increase the odds that they’ll be one of the proportional delegates he’s awarded, without worrying about decreasing the number of delegates Clinton will receive."

"Since this vote on delegates won’t have any impact on who will actually win New York’s presidential primary, many voters could probably care less. But for those who might happen to adore their state legislator but abhor their mayor, voting for only the former would increase the odds that the mayor would get the honor of being elected as a convention delegate. Voting for only some delegates could also be a valid strategy for residents of sprawling upstate districts who want to make sure somebody from their town rather than one a hundred miles away will get to mingle with powerbrokers."

As we head into the 9 o’clock hour we are at 57 degrees on our way up to 74 degrees later in the day. Nice sunny morning with ample blue skies but clouds will start creeping in this afternoon to evening. Chance of rain showers this evening. Low tonight around 48 degrees, so very mild. Street trees downtown are now in full bloom.

The record for today is 90 degrees set back in 1976. Today’s high of 74 degrees is well below that record but about 14 degrees above normal. Sunset tonight at 7:41 pm and dusk around 8:11. 65 degrees at dusk, under skies which will be partly to mostly cloudy. Should be a pleasant evening.

Dropped off my dry cleaning and called the landlord about the leaky faucet. It should be fixed today and the dry cleaning ready by Thursday. A few things to check off my list and not have to worry about. Going to decide on a camp stove today or tomorrow.

The Omega Block will continue to bring dry and sunny conditions throughout the week. The temperatures be a it cooler and more seasonable for the rest of the week.

Today in 1906 was the Great San Francisco Earthquake. The tremors broke gas lines feeding fires on wooden structures that quickly burned and could not be easily extinguished due to water mains broken from the earthquake. The fires would burn until April 23rd.

Today in 2007, the  Supreme Court of the United States upholds the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act in a 5–4 decision.

Happy Birthday to Skip Spence of Jefferson Airplane. He turns 70 today.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Sunny and the birds are chirping and the windows are open. 44 but getting up to 75 degrees later with increasing clouds late in the day. Going to be a nice spring day. Great weather for running down to the post office and filing your taxes… Happy Monday!