2016 April 17

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Albany Pine Bush
Automobile Industry
Delmar, New York
Dormansville, New York
Equinox Mountain
Lawson Lake County Park
Overlook Mountain
Partridge Run Game Management Area

April 2016
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It was a good weekend even though I pretty much stayed in town for the weekend except for going up to Partridge Run WMA for a while this afternoon. For all the time I spent fishing this weekend, didn’t keep anything worth keeping. I like fishing but I never said I was good doing it.

57 degrees under moon lit skies. The Waxing Gibbous Moon is almost due south, with nearly three quarters illuminated. Full moon is on Friday.

Back to work tomorrow. I have a list of things to do tomorrow, I don’t even want to think about it. The air has cooled already a lot this evening but the low for tonight is only 44 degrees so relatively mild for April. Despite relatively warm and sunny days the clear skies have allowed temperatures to drop a lot in the evenings. Sunny and 72 degrees tomorrow but clouds will be creeping in during the afternoon and evening. A 30% chance of rain on Monday night.

I’m pretty tired. I headed back in and are now laying in bed under the dim red lamp in my bedroom. For the most part I have nothing but positive things to say about the red light bulb as its very sleep promoting but it doesn’t necessarily help when I wake in the middle of the night. The real acid test is next winter when all the artificial light seriously starts impacting my sleep.

Note to myself, besides calling the landlord about the faucet, I need to dry clean my sports coat. The world need not know about my dirty jacket but if I tell them, I’ll remember to take care of it tomorrow.

Vacation planning continues to go well. Rainy or very cold weather could change that though. I am really excited to get back to Madison County to fish the Chittenango Creek off that railroad bridge… I had such good luck in Nelson Swamp in years past. I haven’t been to Montezuma in a decade. The Finger Lakes will be pretty in spring time as they green up. The next few days I’m going to decide on the campstove so I can test it out this weekend. I’d like to set it up and test everything out before I leave for my trip.

Primary Day is Tuesday for the Presidential Primary in New York. My prediction is that Bernie Sanders wins upstate big and Hillary Clinton wins New York City relatively narrowly, but recognizing that the Democrats overwhelmingly reside in the city, Hillary will end up winning the state comfortably. I will probably end up casting a protest vote for Bernie, as I like protesting establishment politics but I know Hillary is almost certainly the Democratic nominee. I don’t know who I will vote for in the general election as I worry that the Democratic party has gotten a bit too extreme in recent years, being focused primarily on the colored and poor urban folk and failing to recognize the great diversity in our country.

I am not crazy about Donald Trump and certainly won’t vote on the Republican line but would consider voting on the conservative or working families line for president. I want to hear what the presidential candidates have to say about the role of public lands, wilderness designations, climate change, resource protection, hunting and trapping, and gun rights. Agriculture issues too, even though I’m not a farmer, as farms protect the large amount of land in America from development. I’m not crazy about a climate change extremist who wants to ban all fossil fuels but nor do I support idiotic climate denial.

On that note, good night.

After Sunday dinner at the folks house, down fishing at Lawson Lake. The sun has set but dusk won’t occur until 8:10 pm. Currently 66 degrees under mostly clear skies with some high clouds to the west. Not bad for mid April. A mild night on tap with a low around 44 degrees by daybreak. Maybe put a sweater on later? The mosquitoes have figured out it is springtime at Lawson Lake. The spring peepers are singing their song and we got some honkers at the other end of the lake.

Today I have a serious case of the lazys. I did try my hand fishing that little pond under the Switz Kill water falls with no luck. Probably too little water during the summer and gets too warm. Should have just gone to the Catskill Creek or the Eight Mile. Hiked back to another pond and now back to the gorge. Just enjoying the breeze on this 75 degree April afternoon….