2016 April 12

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April 2016
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Nice evening. Maybe about 10-15 degrees too cool to be truly nice. Now at 11 o’clock we are at 39 degrees under clear skies. Will be a cool but clear night with a low around 30. Not bad for walking with a sweater but too cool for sitting out back.

Tomorrow is the first quarter moon. Tonight about 40% of the moon is visible. The moon will be setting shortly in the west. Sunrise is at 6:14 AM. Sunny tomorrow. 55 degrees and pleasant. Warm up comes for the weekend. Spring may finally be here. Cool nights remain for the next few days.

First visited the library to work on some maps with the Internet. Then Went out for my evening walk. Very pleasant evening for the walk. Now watching the PBS Newshour, but will turn off soon because it’s time for bed.

Really happy about discovering that MMQGIS plug in although I’m actively improving the KML export options. I think I will make some more Google Maps over the next few weeks.


Michael Minn's QGIS plugin adds a lot of great features to QGIS like export of KML files with the color table and attributes attached -- among other features.

The plugin is good but not perfect for KML exports, but it's remarkably helpful.

I'm honestly thinking about hacking the KML export options to make better KML exports (like transparency by default). I'm not a PyQGIS or KML expert but I think I could make it better -- and that's the spirit of open source software. We will see.

The Absurd Primacy Of The Automobile In American Life.

"The numbers are so huge they are not easily grasped, and so are perhaps best understood by a simple comparison: If U.S. roads were a war zone, they would be the most dangerous battlefield the American military has ever encountered. Seriously: Annual U.S. highway fatalities outnumber the yearly war dead during each Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, the War of 1812, and the American Revolution. When all of the injuries from car wrecks are also taken into account, one year of American driving is more dangerous than all those wars put together. The car is the star."

Good evening. Seeing that blue sky tonight is nice, but it is chilly with that breeze. It’s 49 degrees and party cloudy with a stiff northwest breeze going 16 miles per hour with gusts pushing 30. Windchill is at 43 degrees but it feels cold then that, even with the sun. The blue skies and green grass are pleasing to the eye, even if it’s chilly this evening. Waxing Crescent Moon tonight with about 40% illuminated. The moon will be setting around 11:30 PM tonight. So if you bundle up, plenty of time to enjoy the moon.

Tonight will be  partly cloudy and blustery with a low of 30 degrees. Sunset at 7:35 PM tonight. Probably too cold to go down to the park tonight, especially with that bone chilling weather. But the cold won’t last, and the wind is expected to die down around 2 AM. Tomorrow, sunny and 55 degrees, about 2 degrees below normal. The long range shows only sunny skies, with temperatures on Thursday in the upper 50s, then 60s and 70s through at least Tuesday. That’s pretty typical for the second half of April, which will be upon us starting Friday. It seems like time goes by quickly.

Five Weeks from now is Pack Rat Day. With an average high of 70 degrees on that day, it’s perfect weather for a good bonfire. Clean out your closet and enjoy a nice roaring fire. You can’t go wrong with that if you live out in the sticks. Things should green up well by then so the fire risk will be low.

Speaking of fire, I’m a bit undecided about my weekend plans. I have the 40 Karner Road clean up on Saturday morning. I’m wavering on going camping out at a local state forest. A nice campfire would be nice. It’s going to be warm for sure. But still it’s a lot of work to pack and unpack for one nights camping. I might just be better off going down to the park with a book and put off camping until it becomes even more summer like.

Two weeks I’ll be leaving for vacation. I am thinking about leaving from work for vacation and just buying firewood so I have it for the first night. I’m increasingly looking at the Finger Lakes for the vacation, and maybe one night down at the Pine Creek Gorge, depending on when spring comes. I might consider taking US 20 along the northern Finger Lakes and heading south, but that still to be decided. I like Wellsboro and the gorge is probably pretty in spring time. I wonder what kind of cold water fishing opportunities for trout exist in northern Tioga County, it’s something that I need to research.

Tomorrow I got to drop off my sportscoat off for dry cleaning, something that should have happened a month ago. But at least no dressing up for work until May 3rd, so I ain’t complaining. It’s remarkable to think May isn’t that far away.

Have a good evening.

Heading into the 9 o’clock hour, temperatures have dropped to 41 degrees over cloudy skies that are somewhat brightening. We are now looking at 67 degrees on Saturday and 72 on Sunday, both days under bright blue skies. Every day things are getting greener in the city.

Listening to Tim McGraw’s Cowboy in Me on this damp and dark bus ride downtown. Like it was 2001 once again, the urge to roam, the urge to ride, I guess that’s just the cowboy in me.

44 degrees and mostly clear this evening around sunset at 7:35 pm. Darkness tonight at 8:04 pm. Those long spring evenings are rapidly returning. But I still wish it was a bit warmer for going down to the park. Later in the week the mercury will creep up quite a bit.

Today in 1945, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies while in office; Vice President Harry Truman, becomes President upon Roosevelt’s death.

Ten years later to the day, the polio vaccine, developed by Dr.Jonas Salk, is declared safe and effective. This horrific disease is mostly something for the history books.

Get your motors running, as it’s John Kay of Steppenwolf’s birthday. As we are all born to be wild. That’s still a great song, a half century later.

Almost to work. Have a great Tuesday.

Good morning on this National Grilled Cheese Day. An important holiday to celebrate for sure with a good sharp cheddar. 47 degrees with a 14 mph wind from west-northwest. Right now the wind is roaring, forget about the umbrella. Rain for a few more minutes this morning then gradual clearing throughout the day, a high around 50 degrees later but breezy.

At the noontime hour look for partly cloudy skies with 60% cloudy cover and 48 degrees.

Have a great Tuesday! Nicer weather starts today.