2016 April 11

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Fifty two degrees and light rain this evening. The chance of rain increases around sunrise around 6:16 AM and declines there after, leaving partly cloudy skies by evening. 45 degrees by daybreak. Near constant temperatures tomorrow with a high around 49 degrees. Possibly hit freezing or around that Tuesday night. Warmer and plenty of sun once we get past Tuesday. Spring may finally arrive.

Spent my evening messing with QGIS mapping and watching the PBS Newshour. The new DEC data is great, they’ve GPS’d a lot of new campsites and trails. I had fallen behind on making new maps for the blog. I skipped my evening walk as its kind of damp outside. It chilly enough inside that it almost warrants turning on the heat – if only because of the dampness. Sitting under the dimmed red lamp, preparing for bed. I find the dim red light really is easy on the eyes, and makes getting to sleep easy. It’s so calming too.

One month until Twilight Zone Day. On that note, Good Night!

I guess a bunch of presidential candidates came to Albany today. I don’t know, it didn’t really effect me and the buses pretty much ran on time. I heard there was a bunch of extra security in the Capitol this morning but I didn’t get over there until the afternoon so it didn’t effect me much. I don’t care much about politics these days, my attitude towards the presidential election is at best indifference. 30 weeks tomorrow until the General Election.

Kind of a rainy day today but it is helping the grass green up and the trees to bud out. Currently 50 degrees and cloudy with sunset coming in a little over a half hour. Rain tonight and a low around 46. If the rain holds off for a while, I’ll be able to do my evening walk. 50 degrees tomorrow with a decreasing chance of showers. Tuesday night will be mostly clear. Sun comes back for Wednesday and temperatures in the low 50s.

I’m quite excited about the new NYS DEC data for making updated maps. I’m also working on updating on some code in QGIS. I like building new things in code and mapping.

Almost home. Have a good evening…

I’m glad the rain stopped by the time I walked out to the bus stop as I seem to to have misplaced yet another umbrella. I don’t know how this always happens. Now we are up to 45 degrees on the way up to 54. We certainly are not done for the rain for the day but it looks like the wind will drop down a bit.

Tonight sunset is at 7:33 pm. Waxing Crescent Moon with 1/3 visible until 10:30 pm. More rain tonight, 43 degrees. Kind of a wet start to the week but the week will get progressively nicer.

Today marks 10 weeks until the first official day of summer. It will be here before you know it. It’s also seven weeks until Memorial Day and 12 weeks until Independence Day. But who’s counting? Lots of Monday holidays this year.

Today in 1970, Apollo 13 launches. Things would go disastrously wrong on this space mission but due to some fly by the seat of your pants engineering, everybody would make it home alive.

Today in 1968 the housing discrimination law was passed ensuring equal access to housing to a wide variety of minorities. It was the last major piece of civil rights legislation approved as part of the Great Society package promoted by Lyndon Johnson.

Light rain and 44 degrees to start out our Monday morning. A bit of a breeze so an umbrella may be of limited use. 54 degrees and more rain later. Ditto for Tuesday. Sunny but cool conditions begin on Wednesday with progressive warming and sunny weather through next week. A long needed break from the cold.

I hope your Monday morning is going well… Have a good one.