2016 April 10

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Albany County Rail Trail
Delmar, New York
Lawson Lake County Park
Rensselaerville, New York

April 2016
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It was a pretty busy weekend but the weather was pleasant but cool and I got a lot done. About an hour ago, the Waxing Crescent Moon could be seen softly through the overcast skies but now it has set for the evening. Somewhere around 25% of the moon was visible tonight, by Wednesday we will be at the First Quarter Moon. The full pink moon is on Earth Day which this year falls on Friday, April 22nd.

Currently 43 degrees and mostly cloudy. For most of the night we will have overcast skies with an increasing chance of rain near daybreak. Low tonight around 38 degrees, which is 3 degrees above normal. Sunrise tomorrow morning is at 6:18 AM which is 1 minute and 40 seconds earlier then today. Tomorrow periods of rain are likely with a high around 54. Bring an umbrella, as we aren’t expecting a washout but you could get wet when it rains unexpectedly.

Today I went up to Saratoga with my parents to meet my new niece. She’s a cute little girl but tiny. Only two weeks old. But it seems like my sister and her fiancĂ©e are quite happy with their new kid. Not my kind of thing for sure. Then again she has the big fancy TV and stereo when I’m quite happy with for the most part living without such things. I don’t like being tied down to so many things. I’m happier traveling place to place in the wilderness.

In the afternoon I tried my unsuccessful hand at trout fishing the Ten Mile Creek in Rensselaerville. It was nice getting out there, a scenic creek, and an even more scenic drive out to my parents house for Sunday dinner. I also went down to Lawsons Lake and pulled out some sunnies but tossed them back in because I didn’t want to clean them once home.

I’m increasingly looking at going to the Finger Lakes for my April Road Trip. I kind of wanted to fish the Beaver Kill in Roscoe but I think I’d rather go to the Finger Lakes. By the end of April, there should be a lot of green out there. And if I really want to go trout fishing, I bet somewheres south of the Finger Lakes there must be some good cold water creeks for fishing. I may bring my kayak for paddling in one of the Finger Lakes along the shore if the wind is calm enough – or even the Montour Falls – Watkins Glen canal. Nothing is final yet. I might end up going to Pennsylvania to see the Pine Creek Gorge in spring. That would be pretty.

Somewhat tired, but I got nearly everything accomplished I needed to this weekend. Just laying in bed, under the dull red light that I use to help me go to sleep. Soon I’ll kill the light and go to bed. Good night.

Sunny but cold this morning. 25 degrees and breezy. High later of 46. Increasing clouds this afternoon, rain showers for Monday and Tuesday. Low tonight around 33 degrees with scattered showers. Sunset tonight at 7:32 pm for 13 hours and 12 minutes of daylight. While the clouds will likely block it, Waxing Crescent Moon with about 20% visible, setting in the west around 9:40 pm.

Later in the week look for more seasonable weather and sunshine (finally!). In the extended forecast, Wednesday through Saturday will either be sunny or mostly sunny. Wednesday and Thursday will only be in the low fifties for highs, but seasonable warmth returns for Friday and Saturday. 56 and 61 respectively. Sunday may reach 68. Going to be a nice spring weekend.