2016 April 09

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Albany County Rail Trail
Delmar, New York
Huyck Preserve
Rogers Environmental Education Center

April 2016
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34 degrees and partly cloudy. Decreasing clouds as the night progresses, and a cold night with a low around 24. The Waxing Crescent Moon set around 9 pm. First quarter moon on Wednesday. Sunrise at 6:19 am. Tomorrow will be sunny but cool, with a high only around 44 degrees. A bit of a breeze but the most day but with the bright sunshine should make it feel warmer.

It was a nice hike down along the rail trail. The gorge and waterfalls under the bridges is quite beautiful. I definitely want to do the hike again once it greens up.

Made some really good quiche with a pie crust mix, about a pound and a half of sliced mushrooms, about a dozen eggs, three cheeses and breadcrumbs.

Adding to my list of accomplishments, I got my wash done too.

Sitting in my room dimmed with the red light bulb. The dim red light seems to really improve my sleep and seems to improve my mood. I use the red light when watching TV or using my smartphone, as it seems to improve my sleep. The past few mornings I’ve been waking up so much more rested. Maybe it’s just a placebo. But it seems to work.

Good night. Sleep well.

Mostly cloudy sitting down under the Southern Boulevard Bridge in Albany. 45 degrees. The Southern Boulevard bridge certainly is not the most beautiful bridge, but the waterfall under it is quite nice. Probably when they replaced it in the 1980s or 1990s, they weren’t concerned about the scenic beauty of the gorge. In contrast, the older Thruway bridge over the gorge is a fairly nice looking arch bridge, although kind of a typical early 1950s gorge bridge. You get down in the south end and there is the recycling plant with trash blowing all around, and the run down houses of the south end. The trail is pretty nice but at the time somewhat boring. But certainly be gorge is the most interesting part of the trail.

It got nice for a while, although now it is partly cloudy. 43 degrees but feels warmer when there is no breeze. More clouds mid afternoon and some clearing before sunset at 7:32 pm. Thinking about going out to Rensselaerville to hit up Ten Mile Creek but we will see, it depends if it’s cloudy enough as its a bit of a drive from here. Alternatively maybe I’ll go for a walk and explore more of the Normans Kill ravine.

Busy morning. First cleaned out my truck, took a load of bottles and cans to the transfer station for recycling. Guy at the booth said I could park the truck over there and he’ll give me a ride home. Sweet truck he said. I couldn’t believe how many of the cans I had for recycling were burnt out – I only burn cans I use when camping – but I guess I’ve spent a lot of time camping.

Then I cleaned out my truck, sweeping the bed down, fixed the wiring on the truck cap to the shelf and gun rack that had pulled loose, running it this time in conduit to make it less likely to get tangled in gear. All the lights work again, although I do need to get some better super glue to re-glue down the power outlet. Put most of the gear back in truck.

I don’t think I’ll be out truck cap camping until the last week of the month but I may set up a tent at a local state forest and camp overnight next Saturday. 61 degrees and sunny next Saturday with a low of 39. A week from Sunday may reach 69. Which sounds hot but the reality is that the average temperature by next week is in the upper 50s, so 60 odd degree weather shouldn’t be rare.