2016 April 08

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Beebe Hill State Forest
Bethlehem Center
Delmar, New York

April 2016
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Some day it will warm up but I just don’t know when now. With apologies to the Knickerbockers, that pretty much sums up the weather this afternoon. 39 degrees if you ignore the wind chill and the clouds. But be happy it’s the weekend. A cold and cloudy April weekend. The snow is supposed to hold off to until next week. Days are getting longer, despite the cold. 13 hours and 7 minutes between sunset and sunrise. Sunset at 7:30. Some clearing tonight, look for a low around 28. Breezy this evening but the wind will die down towards daybreak.

Took a bus down to the DEC world headquarters at 625 Broadway and I got my fishing license today. Sometimes this weekend want to hit up a local stream or two. Maybe Saturday. Don’t worry, the DEC world headquarters was an inept as any retailer. There computer was slow apparently and the clerk didn’t know what they were doing. State government is good at two things – red tape and taxes – despite what the press releases say.

Probably going to stay home tonight except maybe if I go for an evening walk. We will see. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and going to the park but so far I’m not seeing those conditions and in the foreseeable future. Thursday and Friday of next week is expected to be sunny but the mercury is going to have stretch to reach 52 or 53 degrees. That is still like 5 or 6 degrees where we should be in mid-April.

Seven weeks until Memorial Day Weekend…

Good morning, Happy Friday. 40 degrees, damp and cloudy. Earlier this morning we had a brief time of sunshine with a bit of blue sky. Looking at 46 degrees with clouds and a 30% chance of rain. Not a washout but still cold and cloudy. But a spring warm up is expected for the second half of the month. Sunset at 7:30. Keep your eyes peeled to the west shortly after sunset tonight in case it’s clear to see a beautiful Waxing Cresent Moon.

I was going to catch the express bus downtown but that didn’t happen because I made eggs for breakfast and didn’t get an early enough of a start. With the dampness, it probably would have been a cold walk down to the Park and Ride.

Seven weeks until the start of Memorial Day Weekend. 73 degrees is the typical high for the unofficial kick off for endless summer. I look forward to the nicer weather of summer. I could take a warm summer evening sooner than later.

But first the April trip. I have many different priorities, so I’m fairly undecided what I will do. I kind of want to fish the Beaver Kill. Part of it depends on the forecast and general conditions. I’m hoping by the end of the month at least in the low lands, it will be rapidly greening up. I thought about driving down south to see more of the Blue Ridge Parkway but I think I’d rather wait until November for that trip.

Today in 1935 was the start of the Works Progress Administration. It employed nearly one third of the unemployed during the Great Depression, and was a wildly popular program, that helped Franklin Roosevelt get re-elected with large margins in 1936.