2016 April 05

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Good evening as we work our way through the final hour of light on the Tuesday. Sunset 7:27 pm with darkness at 7:55 pm. 35 degrees, clear, and cold. As expected, some of the snow melted away but not much of it. Thursday with rain and temperatures around 56 expected, a lot of the slop, ice and salt is expected to gone away.

Twenty degrees for the low tonight with a declining breeze. A nice evening for January but it gets tiresome for April. I know we are still in the first half of the month but I’m a real sick of winter. I keep telling myself this will be the last frigid winter up north. Albany winters are just miserable, even when they are as mild as they’ve been lately. Spring will be nice.

Happy Birthday to Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. Put me on mountain, way back in the back woods. Because life runs on beer and gasoline. I think I’m mixing up songs but Montgomery Gentry has some good songs for sure.

On this April 5th, at the 3 PM hour we are at 33 degrees under mostly sunny skies. The snow is starting to melt, but slowly. The mercury froze in the thermometer. We have a northwest 16 mph breeze, dropping the windchill down to 24 degrees. The dewpoint is at 6 degrees. I think this is going to doom the chance of finding my trash can lid.

About four hours until sunset at 7:27 pm. These cold days in April don’t make the day shorter, unlike in December.  And more good news — the latest weather models suggest we will reach 56 degrees with an 80% chance of rain. That’s above average temperatures, a bit only two degrees above average.

Tonight is expected to only drop to 20 degrees. That’s a full five degrees above the record low of 15 that was set back 1982. But still 13 degrees below normal. Clear conditions are good for viewing the stars, especially if you bundle up. The wind is supposed to taper off as the night progresses. A small sliver of the moon can be seen at daybreak.

The Winter that Wouldn’t Die …

Looking out as far as nine days on Thursday 4/13, there is not a single forecast day when temperatures will reach the average temperature expected for the day.

Next Thursday the 7th will reach 54 degrees on a cold rainy day, but that’s still a degree below normal. And that warmth won’t last, with temperatures expected to plunge 10-20 degrees below normal.

And sixty degrees. Well forget about that for the foreseeable future.

At one month out from Cinco de Mayo around the 9 o’clock hour we are at 18 degrees under mostly sunny skies. A typical month from now it will be around 55 degrees on the way up to 66 degrees. In contrast, today will struggle to reach 36 degrees but a bit warm enough to take a good stab at melting away the snow.

Everything about this morning reminds me of a good winter day in January with snow and ice covered sidewalks and parking lots a sheet of ice. The root of all evil salt spreaders have been out spreading their shit on the roads.

Yesterday one of my trash cans blew over and the lid is missing in the snow. The wind was howling around yesterday morning for sure. It was the paper trash that I mostly save for starting campfires in the woods. The can was light, I’ve used a lot of paper starting fires camping this winter. Haven’t found the lid but I got the papers and other burnable stuff picked up and tossed in the back of my pickup for now. Hopefully I buy a lid that fits okay if I can’t find the lid. At some point the snow will melt away.

29 years ago today the Thruway bridge over the Schoharie Creek collapsed, bringing down a handful of cars and trucks that either drove into the missing span or fell in as the bridge gave way. The bridge was improperly constructed, leading to spring flood waters undermining one of the piers.

Sunset tonight is at 7:26 PM. Looking for around 30 degrees with clear conditions and stiff breeze around dusk. So no going down to the park for me this evening. But at any rate, have a great day!

Good morning! Happy Tuesday. 15 degrees and sunny this morning. Tied with the record for 1982 for the cold. With the wind chill is five degrees and a 7 mph north wind.

Today’s high will be 36 degrees and sunny with a breeze in the north that will keep the wind chill around 20 degrees for most of the day. The bright April sun will help with the cold and encourage the snow to melt. Mostly clear and 17 degrees tonight.

Have a great day!