2016 April 04

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Delmar, New York
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Northern Escarpment Trail

April 2016
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Sloppy is the best way to describe this evening’s weather conditions. The temperature is 24 degrees which is cold for April and we got three or four inches of snow during the day in the city and maybe six inches in Delmar. The snowfall accumulations and the cold temperatures made the roads pretty slick midday but what do I know, I don’t drive to work.

Tonight will be cold. Darn right frigid for April, especially with the wind whipping around as expected. Temperatures are expected to fall to 15 degrees which puts the 14 degree record from April 4, 1954 in real danger of falling. Cloudy, we are done with the snow. Some clearing late. Sunset at 7:26. Get up before dawn to see the Waning Cresent Moon in the evening., Sunny but frigid for the second gear of the week. I’m pretty sure that the synchronizer has been pretty much ground off on Tuesdays at this point. Sunny and 36 degrees for a high on Tuesday with a 15-20 mph breeze to drop that windchill on down.

At least traffic leaving the city is moving well. People are probably in a rush to get home and drink a stiff drink next to a warm fire. It is after all a Monday. I think many schools were closed today which has kept traffic moving this rush hour.

It was a Monday. I’m still alive so I survived it. Probably just going to relax this evening, although maybe I’ll bundle up and go to the library. We will see. Later in the week I have to go to the grocery store as some point I’ll run out of food.

Kind of a sloppy morning with light snow coming down and an inch of slush on the sidewalks. Albany city streets are snow covered, because if God put it there, he’ll take it away. Other streets are slushy. Currently 23 degrees at the 9 o’clock hour. Snow continues until midday when cloudy skies will start to prevail. 34 degrees for the high. Sunset in about ten hours at 7:26 pm.

It was a pretty quiet weekend for me, although I was able to get the frig cleaned out and the kitchen scrubbed up. Never got the bottles and cans to the transfer station. I didn’t do much hiking except to walk down to the park. Sunday was frigid. All week is expected to be cold with heavy rain by the end of the week. So no going to the park after work this week.

Today in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated by prison escapee James Earl Ray using a stolen Remington 700 30-06 bolt action hunting rifle. James Earl Ray alluded authorities for a while using a fake Canadian passport. Also today in 1973, the World Trade Center was formally dedicated. The often controversial set of buildings had a high vacancy rate for their first two decades but tenancy increased during the dot com boom. They would be destroyed by the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Have a great Monday. The weekend will here before you know it.

A cloudy morning with some light snow coming down this morning. Last night we got about an inch or two of snow and it’s currently 24 degrees. Locally the roads are just wet but apparently there are some delays on the major expressways heading into the city.

Today for the first half of the day, looking at another 1-2 inches of snow possible. Snow squalls at time could reduce visibility on highways but most roads should just be wet. Looking at a cloudy day with a high around 34 degrees. That’s 17 degrees below normal for the day. All week will be cold but for the second half of the week it will be a lot of cold rain and not snow.