2016 April 03

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Albany, NY
Delmar, New York
Harvey Mountain State Forest

April 2016
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So far no snow but still a pretty cold Sunday for the first week of April. We did have a good dusting of snow on the grass this morning but it melted away by midday. Clarksville South Road was salted as you head up Derbyshire Hill but other than that not a lot of road salt. My parents reported snow squalls I need Dormansville. But that may change tomorrow.

Currently 28 degrees in Delmar under cloudy skies. Snow comes in around 3 AM. Sunrise I’d at 6:30 AM. 2 inches expected by the morning commute and another two inches by mid afternoon. Snow tapers off by evening but it will be cold enough that it probably will not all melt away tomorrow like today. 33 degrees for a high on Monday – that’s typically the average low for this time of year. Monday night may drop to 16 degrees which is only two degrees above the record low of 14 set back in 1954. Cold weather expected all week.

Sunday dinner at my parents house tonight. They cooked up soup and cheese bread. It was really tasty. Skipped my evening walk tonight. Watched the PBS Newshour Weekend this evening that I had previously taped. Apparently the Newshour Weekend program is only a half hour long. Put away my clothes and made my bed while watching. Then watched a review of the Chevy Volt that I downloaded from YouTube. What a neat car. It can run more than 53 miles entirely on battery then automatically starts a generator to charge the batteries and power the motors. I hope the technology makes it too mass produced cars, especially big pickup trucks. I’d love to creep through the woods with my motor off, use regenerative braking going down the mountains, and use cheap electricity tooling around town. It is the future for sure, which hopefully will get beyond this wiz bang auto for techy environmentalists.

Good night. I hope you had a good weekend even though it was so darn chilly.

Good morning. A cold start this morning with the thermometer at the Man Cave reading 35 degrees outside under mostly sunny skies. You can hear the wind roaring around this morning with winds speeding along at 15 mph with gusts around 25. There is a dusting of snow on the ground from last night when the temperature reached only about 32.

The rest of the day will be sunny but very cold for early April. 36 degrees is high for the day. 18 degrees below normal for the high. Very windy this afternoon with sustained winds around 30 mph and gusts up to 55 mph. High wind warning. The wind may get a speeding ticket today. Hold on to your steering wheel when venturing out today. The wind chill will be between 18 and 20 degrees most of the day.

At 7 pm we expect temperatures to drop to 31 degrees under Partly Cloudy skies. Blustery evening with sustained winds around 30 mph and gusts up to 55 mph. Sunset tonight at 7:24 pm with darkness around 7:53 for 12 hours and 53 minutes of daylight. Going to be a cold one for sure.

Going to be a cold week all week. Thursday will reach 53 degrees and rainy but that’s still 2 degrees below normal, and the rest of the days will be 10-15 degrees below normal with highs in the 30s and 40s.

Today in 2000, Microsoft is ruled to have violated United States antitrust law by keeping “an oppressive thumb” on its competitors. Ten years later in 2010, Apple releases the iPad. Apparently Microsoft’s dominance wasn’t that powerful.

Not going to do much outside stuff today due to the frigid conditions. Probably do some cleaning and some coding and/or mapping this afternoon. Going out to mom and dad’s house for Sunday dinner later this afternoon.

Driving back from the grocery store, I looked out my windshield and it looked like a blizzard. Just a snow squall and at this point the thermometer in my window says it’s still 43 degrees so much too warm for snow.

Snow is coming tonight and I think we will have at least 2-3 inches by the time it winds down in the morning. How much that will stick is another question. 30 degrees for the low. The chance for snow diminishes as the day progresses, and more sun plus a high around 37 degrees will melt most of the snow away. Another 2-3 inches is expected for early Monday morning but it shouldn’t impact your weekend plans. Sunrise tomorrow at 6:31 AM.

Discovered that you can download detailed labor statistics from the Department of Labor’s website for mapping, that can be used mapping. Unemployment rate and labor force size can be found at the county and municipal level (greater than 25,000 persons) back to 1990. Statewide statistics go back to 1970. All in a series of CSV files easily imported into Microsoft Excel or mapping programs like QGIS.

Yesterday I left my contracts in, as I couldn’t find my contact holder. My eyes were irritated by morning. So I went to ShopRite and bought a contact holder this evening. I also had a sweet tooth and I wanted something sweet to eat. I have been enjoying frozen fruit a lot lately, so I bought some more frozen blueberries and a big container of Greek yogurt. Talk about a treat. I thought about buying Cool Whip originally but non-fat yogurt is so much healthier. And that Greek stuff has such a nice consistency.

Good night. Be safe if you’re heading out on the roads early this morning, they may be slick.