2016 April 02

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Good evening! There was no weather report this morning, because I was recovering from a crazy week at work. It was a pretty cloudy morning, but this evening has really cleared out with a modest breeze and temperatures around 52 degrees in Delmar. Mostly clear as I sit down at the town park listening to the birds. Sunset tonight is at 7:23 PM with darkness around 7:53 PM. At times the breeze is a bit cool, but all and all a pretty nice evening in the park. Waning Crescent Moon with about 30% visible after 2:42, although I suspect the clouds and snow will block views of the moon.

We expect some pretty big changes in the weather come tonight. Sometime after midnight, we are expecting it to snow, leaving about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground in the morning. Tonight won’t be super cold, but it will be a few degrees below average with temperatures expecting to drop to around 30 degrees. It may start out as rain but will turn to snow. It’s not clear how much will stick to pavement, and indeed the ground may be warm enough that a lot won’t accumulate, at least to start out. Tomorrow will be frigid with temperatures expected to only reach 35 degrees. In early April, a typical night only reaches 32 degrees for the low, and the high is typically 53 degrees.

Possibly more snow for late Sunday night into early Monday morning. We could have a brief period of slippery roads early Monday with plenty of the root of all evil road salt. We are looking at about 3 inches of snow on Monday, the bulk of it coming in the day time. The low Sunday will be 23 degrees, which is only 7 degrees above the record low of 16 degrees set back in 1954. The snow won’t last or be a persistent hazard on the roads, as temperatures will reach 37 degrees on Monday — 16 degrees below normal, but still warm enough to melt snow even without deicing.

The cold blast that we are getting starting tonight will be with us at least through Friday, with the average temperature 10-20 degrees below normal, especially during the day. Many nights will be cold, but the night time temperatures will moderate by the second half of the week. You’ll need your heat on for at least another week, but at least most of the winter has been fairly moderate.