2016 April 01

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Automobile Industry
Delmar, New York

April 2016
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All things must come to an end. The nice warm stretch of weather we’ve been having will be replaced with a frigid weekend. 53 degrees and cloudy this evening. Tonight will drop down to 43 degrees with mostly cloudy skies.

Saturday will be cloudy with a high around 55 degrees. Then cold weather comes around Saturday night with rain and snow showers that evening with a low of 22. Sunday will be windy and frigid. The high is only going to be around 35. More sunny in the afternoon.

Have a good evening. Sunrise around 6:33 AM. Sleep well.

Good morning! Happy Monday. It looks like this morning we are at 73 degrees with sunny but somewhat hazy conditions. We have a dew point right now at 65, but the dew point is expected to climb to a fairly oppressive 68 degrees by mid-afternoon. We are looking for a high of 87 degrees this afternoon with haze and sun and a chance of potentially severe thunderstorms.

Sunset this evening will be at 8:37 pm, and last light of the day around 9:12 pm. We will have a total of 15 hours and 8 minutes of daylight today. The moon will be nearly full tonight, rising around 8 PM.

I know none of us are big fans of Monday. But it was definitely a nice weekend out camping in the woods. Sometimes you have to go to work to make money to pay for all the bills. And the office is air conditioned — perfect to avoid the heat.

And the good news of course is that the weekend is only 5 days away. And is the nice thing is that in two weeks, it will be the Fourth of July Weekend, which this year happens to be a three day weekend. Not sure where I am going to go for the Fourth of July holiday, but it would be fun to go somewhere in the wilderness. I still need to pick up some fireworks. They were a lot of fun last year.

All and all, it should be yet another hazy, hot, and humid summer day. Be careful with those thunderstorms this afternoon, as some could be quite strong. But that air conditioning will feel good in the city, and by evening, it will cool down somewhat.