2016 March 31

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Delmar, New York
Dutch Settlement State Forest
Mine Kill State Park

March 2016
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Good evening. As we head into the 11 PM hour, we are still around 67 degrees. I am certainly enjoying the fresh air this evening. After getting back from the park, I sat out back and enjoyed a few beers.

Too bad it’s cloudy, so we can’t see the stars at all tonight. The good news is the rain has held off for a bit. The best chance of rain is sometime tomorrow morning, most likely around 7 AM.

The low tonight is expected to 59 degrees, which is about 28 degrees above normal. Sunrise is at 6:35 AM and first light at 6:06 AM. Look for rain and 70 degrees tomorrow. There will be some clearing by afternoon in the evening. 

Sleep well! Enjoy the fresh air and warm temperatures, as they won’t last.

Good evening. Decided to walk down to the park after work, although with the cloudy skies and the breeze, the 68 degree weather doesn’t feel quite as warm as you might think.  The sun will be setting in about 10 minutes, but darkness isn’t until 7:50 PM, so I don’t necessarily have to leave the park to go home right away. A bit dark this evening with the sun behind clouds.  Probably the best chance for rain is after midnight, with a low about 60 degrees. The low tonight is 29 degrees above average — remember today is the last day of March.

I am continuing to read  The China Mirage – The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia James Bradley. Kind of an interesting read, helping to pass the time. I probably will read some more once I go home, as I will need something to keep me busy between the time I get home and the PBS Newshour comes on. That said, I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier these days because I find I’ve been tired at work. It seems like 8 1/2 hours of sleep is what I work best on, with a minimum of 8 hours. Get below 8 hours of sleep and I’m pretty miserable all day.

Five weeks from now will be Cinco de Mayo. Should be nice once we get to May and have some more nice weather.

Have a great evening!

Good morning! Happy Thursday. 50 degrees this morning and the birds are chirping outside. A lot of clouds but the sun is peaking through in parts. Could be nicer but at least it’s warn.

Today is definitely going to be a nice one assuming that the clouds don’t last all day. Partly sunny conditions, at least for the first half of the day and a high around 70. Breezy though. South wind 15 to 18 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. On the whole, bad for day for the last day of March. Sunset at 7:23 pm. Rain showers come in around 11 pm but mild conditions and a low of only 60 degrees. You’ll be able to leave your windows open and enjoy the fresh air tonight.

Tomorrow starts April. The creeks are stocked and trout season starts tomorrow. April is when it finally starts to get really spring like and when things green up. Looking forward to going on my April road trip.

Today in 1933, the Civilian Conservation Corps is established by President Franklin Roosevelt with the mission of relieving rampant unemployment and restoration of natural resources that had been damaged by poor agricultural, timber, and industrial practices. The CCC was a priority of Franklin Roosevelt who had a passion for scientific forestry and conserving our natural resources for all to utilize.

Also today in 1998, Netscape released Mozilla source code under an open source license. This set off a revolution in web browsers, eventually leading to open source and closed source browsers like Google Chrome and many embedded browsers on our mobile phones.

Happy Birthday to Al Gore. Today most remembered for his climate change activism, but he also was the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for president in 2000 and Bill Clinton vice-president. It seems likely that God will be on his side eventually for his climate activism, but unfortunately for the future of our world, he has been largely unsuccessful despite all his efforts to raise attention on the issue.

Enjoy this beautiful day at least before the clouds take over.