2016 March 29

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Delmar, New York
Dutch Settlement State Forest
John Boyd Thacher State Park
Middleburgh Cliff

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Definitely warmed up this evening when the wind died down. 37 degrees now with a west – northwest breeze at 13 mph or less. Lots of stars up above on this clear early spring night. Going to drop to 26 degrees by daybreak, which is 6 degrees below normal but far above that cold night in 1946 when it got down to zero. The last quarter moon will be rising around midnight.

Tomorrow, 56 degrees and pleasant. Increasing clouds in the afternoon, not so windy. Sunrise in about eight and a half hours at 6:39 AM with first light around 6:10. Should be a nice day, consider eating your lunch outside tomorrow.

11 weeks from now is Flag Day, this year falling on a Tuesday, June 14th. The average high is 78 degrees. Dreaming of those warm summer days for sure….

Started playing with the CDTA real time bus info API. I have some interesting ideas for coding projects. I also went down to the library for a while then out for my evening walk. Bought some milk at Stewart’s, watched most of the PBS Newshour and now I’m in bed, ready for a good night’s sleep. Sleep well.

As Phil Ochs once sung, “Tomorrow will bring happiness or at least another day.”

As of July 1, 2015 there are 13.5 million residents of the Metropolitan Region of New York State (the “MTA Counties”). This includes all of Long Island (Suffolk and Nassau counties), along with the Five Boroughs of New York City, and the Quarter Pounders (Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Putnam counties). This is 68% of the state’s population.

In contrast there are 6.3 million residents outside of the Metropolitan region, representing 42% of the state’s population.

11% of the state’s population, resides within the counties of Erie (Buffalo), Monroe (Rochester), and Onondaga County (Syracuse). The remaining 31% of the non-metropolitan population resides in 42 other counties.

The total state population as of July 1, 2015 is estimated to be 19.7 million.

Good evening on this clear and chilly evening. The mercury reads 45 degrees but it is breezy making it feel cold out at the bus stop. Tonight we are looking at freezing temperatures, with mercury expected to drop to 26. The wind is expected to die down somewhat after dark. By the time you read this post, it will be twilight but darkness won’t overcome the landscape in Albany until 7:47 PM. We are almost at the last quarter moon, it will rise around midnight.

In case you didn’t realize, tomorrow is Hump Day. Going to be a nice day for the Hump, with sunny conditions and temperatures around 56 without that biting wind. Maybe March will end like a lamb but April will start as a lion. The high for Sunday April 3rd is expected to be 33 degrees which is 22 degrees below normal. The Sunday night look for 21 degrees as a low. Not a record breaking low, but only 6 degrees above the record low of 16 degrees set back in 1954.

It was a good if not real exciting day at work. Things kept moving slowly long as we head towards the frigid weekend and trout fishing season. Warmer weather will be upon us before you know, the aggression of winter must succumb to the increasing sun angle. Gas prices are already going up in preparation for summer driving season and the need for gasolines that reduce smog.

As we head into the 9 o’clock hour, we are seeing more sun peaking out from the clouds but we are still at 37 degrees with the wind whipping around. About 1 pm the skies will be partly clear and 42 degrees and by time we get out of work at 5 pm and he skies will be mostly clear and 44 degrees. Expect a sustained wind of 22 mph with gusts up to 44 mph, which is good for the wind turbines but will make for a kind of cold day.

Today is Tuesday but it still is one more day closer to the weekend. I’m going to stay in town on what promises to be a frigid weekend but may go trout fishing in the Catskill Creek one of the days during the weekend. I also want to clean out the fridge, and take a bunch of bottles and cans to the transfer station. I also want to fix the wiring in the truck cap and finish organizing my camping gear.

Today in 1973, the United States starts withdrawing from Vietnam pursuant to the Paris Peace agreement signed in January of 73. Also in 1929, Herbert Hoover has installed the first phone in the Oval Office.

Just be glad you don’t need an umbrella this morning as the wind is whipping around on this Tuesday morning. Wind gusts up to 43 mph. The wind is roaring. Mostly cloudy this morning and 37 degrees. Feels cold with the wind. Later today will be mostly sunny and 44 degrees but breezy which is about six degrees below normal. Transit of the sun at 12:59 this afternoon and sunset at 7:19 pm.

We may be in the second gear of the week but you know it is passing gear and so well be up to speed on the weekend before you know it.