2016 March 28

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Albany, NY
Charles Baker State Forest
Delmar, New York
Dutch Settlement State Forest
Middleburgh Cliff

March 2016
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Good evening folks. 41 degrees and blustery with on and off showers this evening. A 24 mph wind this evening with his gusts up to 44 mph. Hold on to your steering wheel when venturing out tonight. 36 degrees for a low.

11 hours and 22 minutes of darkness tonight with a sunrise at 6:39 AM and twilight at 6:11. It’s almost like there wasn’t a time change with all of the increase in daylight in the morning. Breezy conditions continue tomorrow and there will be lots of clouds to start out the day with increasing clearness by late. With the breeze tomorrow it will feel quite cold for late March, and the high at 45 degrees is about five degrees below normal. Wednesday will make up for it, with temperatures around 56 degrees and plenty of sun and just a modest breeze.

I hope you had a good Monday!

I was tired but somehow I made it through a Monday at work. Taking the local yokel bus on home. It was pouring the first time I ran out to bus stop but missed it. I ended up missing it by a few seconds. So I went back into the office and picked up my dinner which I left in the work frig. Now it’s mostly cloudy and 50 degrees. A continued chance of rain showers throughout the evening but it will diminish at night progresses. Later the wind will pick up for a quite breezy low around 36. Sunset tonight at 7:17 pm which is 1 minute and 9 seconds later then tonight. More sun tomorrow but blustery with a chilly high of 45. Five degrees below normal.

Tonight I have to go to the supermarket and also pick up an umbrella. In other words probably Walmart. I like the one stop shopping experience. Hopefully the state will raise the minimum wage to $15, to help the working folk out at Walmart. Workers there should also unionize. But I guess I’m drifting off topic.

I don’t know where I put my umbrella, but it was pouring rain when I left home for the bus stop. 41 degrees this morning, and it’s going to get up to 51 degrees with more rain, although somewhat tapering off this evening. Slept into to 8 AM this morning and caught the late bus in, because I didn’t get to bed until after midnight, as I didn’t get home until late because I went out to my parents house late on Sunday for Easter dinner and to do wash.

Happy Dyngus Day for those out in Buffalo and many Midwestern states where it’s a big holiday due to the large Polish populations and a need to celebrate something from the good old days as deindustrialization leaves mostly toxic brownfields and no jobs.

Sunset at 7:18 pm for 12 hours and 35 minutes of daylight, an increase of 2:35 over yesterday. Waning Gibbous Moon at 11:30 with 2/3rds illuminated. The new moon is Saturday April 9th.

Today in 1979 was the Three Mile Nuclear Disaster at the nuclear power plant outside of Harrisburg, Penna on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania farm country. Starting at 4 AM, a series of operator errors lead to Unit 2 to have an internal meltdown and the release of some radioactive gasses. Nearby residents reported having a burning metal taste in their mouths, and some cancers increased. Many people were evacuated around the plant. The many dairy farmers who came back daily to milk and feed their cows, have to viewed as heroes.  Official studies suggest that the amount of radioactivity released was relatively low, and while Unit 2 was forever destroyed, the Unit 1 plant was brought back online about a ten years later.