2016 March 25

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Delmar, New York
Dutch Settlement State Forest

March 2016
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Good evening. Kind of a frigid evening in the wilderness, with my thermometer saying it’s 31 degrees and the wind still whipping around, although not as blustery as earlier. It is mostly cloudy this evening but will clear out by morning and drop to 25 degrees by morning. The wind will die down, which will make it feel less cold. Lots of blue sky by morning and temperatures in the mid 50s. Not bad for March.

Crouched over the fire with the big buddy roaring away on my butt. The fire has been perked up but still the wood is wet and punky. Cold enough I couldn’t use the splitter on the propane tank, so the lantern is running on a disposable tank — which I have a refill adapter for and when it fails, I found out the tanks are recyclable at most state parks.

Nice to be back in the wilderness next to fire, despite the cold. But it is March so cold is to be expected. Warmer weather is coming in a few weeks. Indeed, nine weeks from tonight will be the start of Memorial Day Weekend with an average high of 73 degrees as the unofficial start of summer kicks off.

Sunrise tomorrow is at 6:43 AM with clear skies and possibly some nice views of the Waning Crescent Moon in the southeast.

Have a good evening and stay warm.

Good morning on this Good Friday, long considered one of the most holy of Christian holidays. It is 49 degrees and cloudy. At least one more line of showers I’d coming, that will briefly bring heavy rain We will continue to have showers through the morning.

62 degrees and some clearing in late evening, then temperatures will drop with a stiff frigid breeze with near seasonable temperatures in late March, low of 32 in the city. The wind at around 10 mph will make it feel cooler.

I am shortly going to start packing my pack. As I’m hauling everything back in the woods, things have to be fairly well organized to minimize the number of trips but provide the gear I need. I need sufficient gear to stay warm tonight, as it’s expected to be cold tonight.

Today in 1911 was the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in NYC which killed 145 workers when a dust rich environment combined with blocked exits made it impossible for workers to escape the inferno that ripped through the building. More recently in 1967, Martin Luther King leads a march to protest the Vietnam War.

Sunset tonight is at 7:14 pm and darkness is at 7:49 pm. So I better get going as its after 9 AM and I’m burning daylight. Once the front passes by and the rain is gone, it should be a nice weekend, even if this evening is expected to be quite chilly.

Enjoy your Good Friday!