2016 March 21

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Albany County Rail Trail
Albany, NY
Delmar, New York

March 2016
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Well, good evening. The wind has died down a bit but the temperature has dropped to 34 degrees. By morning th National Weather Service is now predicting the mercury will drop to 26 degrees with skies varying from mostly to partly cloudy to some snow squalls throughout the night. No snowfall accumulation predicted. Tomorrow, seasonable 49 degrees is expected with increasing clouds throughout the day. Rain showers possible on Tuesday night but quite mild for March.

The transit of the moon is at 11:30 pm tonight when the moon will be high over head and due south anywhere in the northern hemisphere. Over 90% of the moon is visible tonight, with the moon setting at 5:30 AM tomorrow. Full moon is officially Wednesday but we will be be very close to a full moon tomorrow but it will be mostly covered by the clouds.

The Young Democrats meeting was enjoyable this evening once we got let into the building, and I got to go for my evening walk after it. Also picked up some food I forgot to get this weekend at the grocery store. I think it wasn’t a bad day for a Monday.

Sleep well. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Good night!

Gosh, it might be 43 degrees but with those 26 mile per hour winds, and gusts up to 36, it sure feels cold outside. The windchill is officially 33 degrees but I’ve been out in 33 degree weather and felt a heck of a lot warmer. I think it feels closer to 10 degrees then 30. Then again, I’ve gotten soft. I expect the wind to die down a bit as we work our ways through the last two hours before darkness overcomes the landscape. Sunset tonight is at 7:09 pm. As Wednesday is the Full Worm Moon, there should be plenty of moonlight on this mostly clear evening, with a seasonable low of 26 degrees expected by 7 AM. Tomorrow we are looking at mostly sunny skies in the morning with clouds prevailing come evening. Tuesday night look for rain showers.

It was a decent but pretty quiet day at work. I have a Young Democrats Meeting this evening at 7 pm. Hopefully the wind will die down a bit before then. I would like to go for my evening walk tonight, if it’s not too frigid. We shall see. That wind is so biting this evening.

For the tree lovers out there, today is International Forestry Day. In five weeks from today we have Arbor Day, another day for tree lovers. It’s Monday, April 25th. Look for a high of 63 degrees if we have typical weather. Sunset on Arbor Day is at 7:49 pm at least in the greater Albany area. I like trees, as they produce wood that is fun to burn and it keeps us warm.

Stay warm on this frigid evening. Maybe toss another log on the fire?

How is your morning going? Mine is okay, I had to run to catch the bus which was running a few minutes early and me a few minutes late. We are now up to 33 degrees and mostly to partly cloudy with increasing blue skies especially to points north and west. It looks like the right lane of Delaware Ave is closed near Delaware Plaza, and while traffic is moving well, you might want to consider alternative routes.

Today, the transit of the sun is at 1:02 pm, which marks the midpoint in the day, and when the sun will be due south. There is six hours and seven minutes until the sun dips under the horizon from them. The mathematically inclined can figure out the length of the day from that. 46 degrees and sunny by mid afternoon.

Happy Birthday to Jonah Goldberg of the National Review fame, the establishment conservative magazine that has a lot of disdain for Donald Trump. While I’m a liberal Democrat, I always enjoy him when he is on Cam Edwards program.

Today in 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 people on the start of the third civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. The protestors this time would be escorted and protected by the National Guard, as called for by President Johnson to avoid the violent clashes of earlier marches. This March would prove to be peaceful, and with the large democratic margins in Congress, they would enact the comprehensive Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Good morning. Yes, it is a Monday. Cloudy start to our Monday, 32 degrees with a slight breeze from the Southwest. Once the clouds fade away this morning, look for partly sunny conditions and a seasonable high of 46 degrees. Already some breaks in the clouds. Sunset tonight is at 7:09 pm with darkness at 7:38. Have a great day!