2016 January 07

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Automobile Industry
Bethlehem, New York
Colonie, New York
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
Harvey Mountain State Forest
Second Amendment
The Woods

January 2016
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Good evening. Currently 27 degrees and clear this evening. Nice sunset, the nicest expected for a while. Those later sunsets are nice. With the clear conditions it’s expected to drop to 19 degrees. Not as cold as recent nights as a bubble of warm air is pushing in from the south and west, expected to bring rain for the weekend.

Tomorrow is expected to cloud up for the weekend. Going to be mild 39 degrees, a pattern expected for the weekend. The long range suggests partly to mostly cloudy with a good breeze most of next week but with seasonable temperatures with highs in the lower to mid 30s. We might get some of the lake effect expected to punish lake effect country next week. Some models suggest more of an arctic blast.

Winters really aren’t as bad as they once were, but we still have plenty of winter left for truly frigid conditions. I’m still thinking about ordering a winter coat this weekend to replace my broken Carhartt. I have my wool overcoat I wear for work but I think really need something decent for out in the woods. I know the coat I will buy – a Carhartt like my old one but with the dark brown but I’ve been avoiding biting the bullet, because I’ve had so many miscellaneous expenses lately.

A fair bit of traffic leaving the city tonight but awesome bus driver avoided the traffic by taking McCarty Hill, so that makes me happy.

It was an incredibly productive day at work, so I’m pretty sure I can avoid going in to work on Saturday to do plan edits. I’ll probably stay at home or go to the library and work on the blog. Saturday evening I’ll go to the store and pick up that sweater I was looking at the other day. I’ll leave the truck off until Saturday night and then just test things out by driving to the store after dark.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad the weekend is right around the corner.

Good morning. Fourteen degrees and sunny this morning. Everything is kind of a salt covered with the recent cold weather. The weekend looks like it will wash away most of the salt, although it will be icy on Friday evening.

Off to work on this Thursday. Things for the most part are going well. No great sour cream spills today and my replacement headphones are working fine. English muffins and bananas for breakfast.

Big Red has been working good, starting and charging properly. Gotten kind of salt covered, I may wash it off this weekend, probably on Sunday.

I ordered a sweater on the Internet and I didn’t really like it. I went to the mall to buy dress shoes on Tuesday and also saw a sweater I liked. My sweater vests and sweaters are starting to wear out so I need to figure out what I like and come up with a plan for eventual replacement.

The weekend like pretty rainy but I have a lot of work to catch up on so I may head into the office for a bit. We will see. At some point I got to do an oil change but maybe not this weekend.