2015 December 09

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Delmar, New York
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Second Amendment

December 2015
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Good evening. Currently 45 degrees and cloudy this evening. This evening will be fairly warm and cloudy, near constant temperatures. The wind appears to have died down a bit.

Stayed a bit late at work, catching the local bus home. According to the Bus Time the buses were running late but I didn’t notice the delay. It’s possible that the buses are just running 15 minutes late, essentially on time. I don’t know.

Tired tonight. I was up too late last night. Going to try to get a earlier start to bed tonight.

Good morning. Happy Hump Day! Cars don’t have those enormous humps in the center for drive trains anymore and hopefully weeks won’t have too big of humps. I’ve been busy at work lately crunching numbers and making pretty graphs so time seems to be going quickly.

Currently right at the freezing point and mostly cloudy. The sun is peaking out to the south and for a while today we may see some clearing.

Today will be partly cloudy and 49 degrees. Not bad for mid-December. Sunset still comes early at 4:21. In two weeks the days will be getting longer once again when we enter calendar winter. The lack of snow and especially road salt makes winter seem not so bad.

Sometime next week I will take a day off from work and make my yearly pilgrimage up Overlook Mountain. I like watching the sun set on that mountain.