2015 October 20

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October 2015
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Did you know you can buy beer in West Virginia and NOT pay a deposit back on it, and then bring the empty cans back to New York State to get paid 5 cents per can. Unlike Pennsylvania beverage containers, West Virginia beverage containers have NY State-compatible reverse bar codes on them, and are accepted at retailers that sell that brand of beer.

This of course is illegal, but impossible to prove, because the reverse bar codes are a standard feature in many states.

Good afternoon although with the sun setting earlier every day it’s starting to feel like evening more than afternoon. A nice afternoon with only a few clouds and around 61 degrees.

In these last few evenings of daylight after 6 PM and ultimately 5 PM on November 1st, tonight’s sunset is at 6:05 PM. Looking for 53 degrees at 9 PM, so okay weather for an evening drink out back.

Waxing Gibbous Moon if you plan on being up after about 1:30 AM this morning and the clouds hold off. Outside of the clouds it might actually be a good evening for the stars.

Still a pretty gray morning but we have climbed a few degrees to 49. Same old Tuesday morning commute on the bus downtown.

The next two weeks I don’t have anything planned but I’m thinking of the¬† Veterans Day Weekend heading up to the North Country to go camping and hunting. Today is payday and I will probably¬† retire the debt from vacation today and invest the remaining money in the stock market or my retirement account rather than put it back in savings. Veterans Day Weekend is two paychecks away.

Thinking of getting a propane camping heater before the next trip. I was talking to some of the guys down in West Virginia and they say that they are really great for using during hunting season. Campfires are nice but they can’t put a blast of heat in your tent or in my case truck. Nor can you just switch them on. On the other hand, I’d like to buy a deer rifle or maybe a 12 gauge shotgun before hunting season as the 20 gauge doesn’t have much stopping power for a deer even with a slug. I want to do more winter camping this year because I get tired of being stuck inside all of the winter season.

I sure spend a lot of time thinking about how to spend money on the way to work. But I ain’t doing it for free. So be it.

At any rate, have a great Tuesday!