2015 October 06

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Cole Hill State Forest
Empire State Plaza
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Niagara Falls
Nuclear Power
Pickup Trucks
Salmon River Reservoir
Second Amendment

October 2015
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Good evening. A pleasant evening, around 53 and varying amounts of clouds shrouding out the stars. You could see the stars for a while but now they are invisible. A bit of a breeze at times this evening which is making it a feeling a bit cooler than the mercury would suggest.

I’m off to bed soon as I have to get up around 5:45 AM or 6, so I can get my tires rotated on the truck and inspected. Then that’s one more thing to check off my list before heading to West Virginia this weekend.

Good night. Sleep well.

Good afternoon. Scattered clouds and 71 this afternoon. Not bad for the first week of October. Sunset around 6:28 PM with darkness at 6:56. Tonight around 9 PM it will be around 57 degrees under starry skies. 48 degrees by daybreak. If you get up early, check out Venus in the western skies.

Traffic is backed up getting on 787 heading south of the city. Hardly news though. I will be home eventually though. It’s rush hour traffic in construction.

Finished researching my list of campsites for the trip and created a KML so I can use my phone to navigate to campsites when I have service. I need to mark paper maps where the campgrounds aren’t shown. I’m sure I’ll discover other campsites when I’m down there. My data sources were freecampsites.net along with the Forest Service’s website. Still need to think about a few more places to visit in the daytime though.