2015 October 05

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October 2015
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Good afternoon. Currently 64 degrees and mostly clear. Evening shadows hang low over the city. 6:30 sunset this evening. Waning Crescent Moon rising around 12:51 AM. 51 degrees and mostly clear at 9 PM.

Days seem to be getting shorter much too quickly. The warm late summer has delayed the changes in the color of the leaves but the sunset at 6:30 seems much too early. I guess it’s October and to be expected.

I smelled something burning getting onto the CDTA Route 719 bus and I figured that wasn’t a good sign. Smelled like burning brakes, like a dragging brake shoe. As soon as we got on the Interstate 787 I heard the low air pressure buzzer, and looking out the back window I saw prestigious amounts of smoke coming from the brakes. Being there no shoulder for breakdowns on the road, the driver limped it along until a quarter mile before 9W. While I’m sure that the brake was glowing by the time we stopped, we made it safely through the congestion. Apparently not hot enough to start a fire. This time, CDTA was able to find another bus within five minutes and it looks like I will be home only 10 minutes late. It’s been a while since a bus has broken on the Route 719 — better maintenance and a newer fleet has reduced the formerly regular breakdown on the express bus home.

Good morning, Happy Monday. Currently 41 degrees and mostly cloudy with a few breaks of blue skies. Looking for 64 degrees and more sun later. This evening is expected to be in the 50s and clear with a low of 43. Looking at 6:30 for the sunset and if you’re up early tomorrow morning, you’ll see the Waxing Crescent Moon.

This morning on break I will call around about getting my tires rotated and hopefully I can get that done on Tuesday or Wednesday so I can check that off my list. I keep working on packing and preparing for next week’s adventure.

Because I’m driving all the way out to the southern portion of the Allegheny National Forest on the first day, I need to get an early of a start as possible, which for me means shooting for leaving at 8 AM and being on the road no later than 9 AM. This gives time for occasional stops along the road but still be at camp no later than 5 PM. Sunday’s trip to West Virginia is somewhat shorter but that is good because I don’t know the area and with the best of maps and GPS I’m prone to get lost or the campsites not working out as expected.

Map: Brant Lake

Map: Brant Lake

Elevation: 800 feet. Area: 1,376 acres. Length: 5 miles. Shoreline Length: 15.3 miles. Max Depth: 65 feet. Mean Depth: 30 feet. Town: Horicon

Hard surface ramp and gravel parking area off of Route 8 approximately 1 mile northeast of the Hamlet of Brant Lake. Parking for 11 cars and trailers.

Fish Species:
Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Perch, Rock Bass and Pumpkinseed.

Brant Lake is stocked annually with both brown and rainbow trout. There is a healthy population of large and smallmouth bass and the lake is a popular pan fishing destination.

Fishing Regulations:
Special Fishing Regulations apply. Ice fishing is permitted.