2015 September 30

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Delmar, New York
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
High Peaks Wilderness
John Boyd Thacher State Park
Maple Ridge Wind Farm
Otter Creek
Whetstone Gulf State Park
Whitehouse, NY

September 2015
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Good evening. This dark and chilly evening closes out September with temperatures around 51. Low around 45 degrees with some clearing later. Tomorrow will have considerable cloudiness and highs around 60. Similar weather for Friday and rain on Saturday evening.

While I’m watching Hurricane Joaquin, I’m not super worried. While I was out of town for both Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy but my apartment was free from damage from both storms. I don’t know if I lost power during either storm but I doubt it, and certainly was no more than a day at most. I am however going to eat frozen foods over refrigerated meals the next few days to clear the freezer put in advance. I can keep refrigerator items cold by the coolers I have plus the 5 gallons of ice I have in the freezer. I have a camp stove and my truck can provide lighting if I lose power. It’s warm enough to not have to worry about heat and I’m on city water.

If the rain stops this weekend going to take my shotgun out for a walk and see if I can shoot me some squirrels at that den that always seems full up at Partridge Run. Might be fun. If not, it’s still a nice walk in the woods.

Still haven’t taken off the week for my trip to West Virginia and Virginia but increasingly thinking of spending 2-3 days in Shenandoah National Park on Skyline Drive. The park is $20 to enter and camping is $15 a night but if I’m in that part of the country I really should visit it for amazing views. I probably will spend a few nights at Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia and have discovered there are some nice places to camp at George Washington National Forest. The National Forest store doesn’t sell a GW NF map but I have pieced together a lot from a state road map of Virginia along with information on the GW NF website on campgrounds, primitive and developed. Looks like beautiful country. I will probably request the time off tomorrow as long as I feel like my work project we will get wrapped up in time.

Walked around the state museum today, through the Concourse, down to the Bethlehem Public Library, and the big superblock around the High School. More than five miles walking today. I feel occasionally minor pain if I strain the ankle in the wrong way  it finally I think my ankle injury is behind me. I have the boot and brace though if I should ever need it again. It was a long sucky last month of summer with my sprained ankle. Bit it’s now history.

Good afternoon. Currently 57 degrees and cloudy. The rain is gone for now but will likely be back for the weekend. The hurricane coming up the coast is something to watch but at this point things are quite uncertain. Some models say it could be another Irene but at this point God only knows. Tonight’s sunset is at 6:39 PM.

Traffic is congested but moving on 787.  My bus driver is prompt weaving through traffic but I certainly wouldn’t want his job. If I drove downtown I would avoid this superhighway under construction like the plague.

Map: Cascade Lakes and Cascade Mountain

Map: Cascade Lakes and Cascade Mountain

The High Peaks Wilderness Area, the largest Forest Preserve unit in the U.S. state of New York, is located in three counties and six towns in the Adirondack Park: Harrietstown in Franklin County, North Elba, Keene, North Hudson and Newcomb in Essex County and Long Lake in Hamilton County.

It is roughly bounded on the north by NY 3, the old Haybridge Road, which runs from Cold Brook to Averyville, the Adirondak Loj property at Heart Lake, the Mount Van Hoevenberg area and NY 73 near the Cascade Lakes. Private land to the west of Route 73 forms the eastern boundary. The southern boundary is formed by privately owned lands, including the Ausable Club, Finch, Pruyn, and Company, National Lead Company and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry's Huntington Wildlife Forest. This wilderness is bounded on the west by Long Lake and the Raquette River.

There is one significant inholding: the Johns Brook Lodge, a cabin and surrounding campsites operated by the Adirondack Mountain Club, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) along the eponymous trail and brook from the popular "Garden" parking area and access point near Keene Valley.

The area includes 112 bodies of water on 1,392 acres (5.6 km2), 238.4 miles (383.5 km) of foot trails, 52.3 miles (84.1 km) of horse trails, and 84 lean-tos. The area contains 36 of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, including the tallest, Mount Marcy.
The topography ranges from small areas of low-lying swampland (e.g., along the Raquette and Saranac Rivers) to the highest point in New York State at the top of Mount Marcy. Although there is a considerable variety of topography, it is predominantly high mountain country. Like the topography, the forest cover also varies from pole-size hardwoods to mature, large diameter hardwood and softwood stands to the spruce-fir of the subalpine region.