2015 September 21

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Cedar River Flow
Glenfield, New York
Otter Creek
Otter Creek Campsite
Whetstone Gulf State Park

September 2015
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Good evening. It is currently 52 degrees and overcast with a low expected around 48 degrees. Pretty much seasonable. Tomorrow, we are looking for a high around 68 degrees and mostly cloudy. Warmer, more sunny weather returns for the second half of the week, with highs in the upper 70s. The normal high for September 22nd in Albany is 70 degrees with a low of 50 degrees.

It was a nice weekend up in Lowville for sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, and was somewhat disappointed that the Whetstone Reservior was drained, but I had a lot of fun paddling and fishing with Jesse at High Falls Reservior on Saturday. I wish I could have spent more time camping up there, as there were parts of Confusion Flats I would have preferred to spend more time hiking and 4x4ing across to explore further.

Back to work tomorrow. I do not have my next adventure planned, although next weekend I’m going up to Moosefest and taking my parents up to see Moose River Plains on Saturday. Thinking of taking a week off in mid-October for a trip, my guess is the Finger Lakes and Northern Pennsylvania is the most likely location, but it’s really to be decided. I have also thought about taking a trip down to Virginia and West Virginia, with a stop-over in Central Pennsylvania, but that trip requires some detailed planning and the time is short. For early to mid-November looking to take a hunting/camping trip up to the North Country, most likely the Massena area including Deer River State Forest and the Walter Pratt Camping area at Brasher Falls State Forest. Weekend trips in the mean-time are still definately a possibility to places that can be done in a weekend — I will however have to buy firewood — because at this point camping will involve set up in the dark, and I hate using a flashlight to find firewood.

Good afternoon. Currently 69 degrees and partly cloudy in Glenfield on the Black River. A pleasant afternoon, doing a little fishing before I have to head back to the Cesspool. We have reached the likely high for day as cool fall like weather pattern sets in for week.

This morning was 38 degrees when I got up to run to the outhouse. The colder temperatures should start changing the colors in the Adirondacks soon. I’m sure in higher elevations like at Moose River Plains they are already seeing changing colors. A few hints of color up on the Tug Hill but not too much. Jesse was saying that the colors by now usually starting to turn around here in the higher elevations. The late summer has been unusually warm, pushing off the changing colors until official autumn. I don’t care, I kind of like the summer weather.

Had a nice breakfast on the grill and started a small fire to warm up and burn up the remaining garbage I forgot to burn last night. The fire was nice to warm up on the cold morning. Took down camp and stopped down at the Otter Creek at Eatonville Bridge. Too cold for swimming but the waterfall was pretty as always. Headed to the Black River in Glenfield to try my luck which despite some bites hasn’t been too good. I am upstream of Mark’s Dairy where the big manure spill happened a decade ago, impacting the fishery downstream even a decade later. It’s still a nice afternoon before I have to head back.