2015 September 14

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Empire State Plaza
John Boyd Thacher State Park
Pine Cobble
The Woods
West Capital Park

September 2015
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It always seems to be a Monday, until it no longer is a Monday.

Sixty-four degrees and clear tonight. With such clear conditions and a new moon, it’s an excellent evening to go out and look at the stars. Warm weather returns tomorrow, as we look for a high around 78 degrees and plenty of sun. Despite the somewhat warmer temperatures, a dew point in the low to mid 50s will make the air feel pleasant, and with a moderate (10 MPH) north-west breeze, it might actually feel a fair bit cooler then what the mercury says.

Have a great evening! Sleep well.

Good afternoon. Currently 73 degrees and with blue skies and some clouds. One thing I’ve noticed since September has rolled around is how much the evening shadows are creeping over downtown buildings. Sunset is at 7:07 PM and civil twilight at 7:45. New moon.

As had been the case recently, traffic leaving the city is really bad. The few extra cars due to school being in session and vacations being over have caused extensive delays. At least I’m not driving.

Last night enabled a new feature on the blog that lets you like posts and photos. Made some other adjustments and miscellaneous blog fixes, and will be featuring new, more modern maps that include the wildlife management units. Little fixes here and there. I don’t expect many major changes this winter.

Off to Mom and Dad’s house to pet sit. I thought about going out back to the campsite at the creek but things are a bit wet and the wind probably would make it cold sitting out back by the fire. Maybe tomorrow.

Been playing with my camera phone and figuring out what I can do with it on Instagram. The fixed lens and camera quality sucks on the first generation Moto E I have but I’m learning how to use it for creative effect. As much as the camera sucks, I love the FM radio feature. It’s nice being able to listen to All Things Considered on the bus ride home without using a ton of bandwidth.

Google Maps: Murders Per 100k Population

While urbanization (and to a lesser extent gun ownership rates) plays a roll in it, the most obvious correlation between murder rates is the south versus the north. The northern states have a much lower murder rate then the southern states. Some of it has to do with historical patterns of discrimination, but also climate must have something to do with it. This map uses quantile coloring, as the District of Columbia has a murder rate 4-5 times higher then the typical state.

Data Source: Murders by 100k Population. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States_by_state

As we head to the middle of the 9 o’clock hour we are at 61 degrees with slowly parting skies. As I mentioned earlier a pleasant late summer day is on tap with highs around 70 degrees and clearing.

I guess four minutes away means… Well four minutes away from whatever time it currently is. Real-time bus info is great when it works which is less frequently then you expect. One of the other people at the bus stop said that the 8:53 blew by about 5 minutes early. I doubt it, I think just all the buses are all running 15-20 minutes late. I just wish they could show the buses on a map or tell you how many stops away rather than a bullshit time estimate. Moovit used to do that but they took away that feature, which sucks.

Friday I walked down to park until around 9:15 and played on my laptop with the WiFi they have down there. Later in evening, hung out by the campfire my neighbors had. I am getting around pretty good now. Saturday walked down to the library and Sunday with the remarkably nice weather mid-day I walked around Five Rivers Environmental Education Center for about an hour and a half. It really feels good to be out on my feet and getting around once again.

I got cider and doughnuts at Indian Ladder Farms yesterday. It was quite delicious and I have plenty left. I look forward to having those apples for lunch, doughnuts for desert, and apple cider whenever throughout this week. It was definitely worth going out there, and might try to stop by before the end of summer. I also want to get out Schoharie County at some point so I can stock up at the Shauls Farm Stand and maybe camp in Schoharie and enjoy the wonderful fall colors.