2015 August 20

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Chazy Lake
Delmar, New York
Hitchens Pond
Kinzua Dam
The Woods

August 2015
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As we close out the 20th we are looking at 77 degrees. It’s pretty humid out this evening as the heavy rain approaches and will leave us with a half inch or more by morning. With the rain leaving by morning, the humidity and dewpoint levels should drop from sticky to more comfortable levels.

Tomorrow will gradually become more sunny and reach 80 degrees but much more pleasant. May become mostly sunny by sunset at 7:46 PM. The weekend will be pleasant with partly sunny conditions and around 80 degrees both days. If my foot wasn’t in a sprain boot, I would be getting out of town I suspect. If you get the chance, do it because the summer days won’t be hear for long. Fall and hunting season is just around the bend.

I made it back to work today. My foot was a bit sore and it seemed like an awful long walk down to the bus stop but I made it back to work. I probably could have stayed out a few more days but I missed work and I knew certain things wouldn’t happen with my absence. With hot conditions expected and the lack of air conditioning and Internet and television at home, I had no interest in missing more work. Everybody wished me a speedy recovery I ran into today.

The toughest thing has to be not being able to get around the neighborhood by foot especially after work. The evenings aren’t the same without being able to walk down to the library or the park. And I miss my evening walk which does so much to de-stress after a long day in the office. But I had to lay in bed this evening and let things heal. Walking long distances is going to have to wait until September 16th. It’s important to let things heal. With 5 gigs of data this month, I had plenty of data to use this evening to play on social media on my phone while stuck in bed with my foot elevated. I hate it though because I feel like a flat slob, who is a prisoner to his bedroom. I need to be recover though.

At this point I don’t know if I will get out fishing on Friday night as getting into my jacked up truck is still a challenge and it gets dark early. But Saturday I have to get to a grocery store – maybe a small one like Voorheesville Grand Union – and maybe go fishing up at Partridge Run. Maybe not this weekend but next week get up to Dick’s to take advantage of their pre-hunting season sale I got information about in the mail today.

As August drags on its mostly sunny and 76 degrees this morning. Look for more humidity today and upper 80s as the day progresses. Thunderstorms and downpours are a greater possibility today then earlier in the week.

Today I’m back off to work. As expected the bus is a lot easier to get on then my jacked up truck. The air conditioning feels nice compared to the heat and humidity. That said, it sure was a long walk down to the bus stop around the corner with the boot on.  But I’m getting better and for the most part the pain is minor at worst.

Friday evening I will probably go down to the Hudson River to do some fishing and maybe on Saturday head out to Partridge Run to also fish. Neither place involves much walking. Might as well keep myself entertained until the point of September 16th when I can permanently take off the boot.

I’ve been looking at circulars to see when pre hunting seasons specials start because I am looking to buy a Remington 870 12 gauge to complement my 20 guage. I know you can get deer slugs for a 20 gauge but at that point your basically just bow hunting with a loud gun.

At any rate, have a great day. Only two days until the weekend when it’s supposed to cool down. Enjoy it!