2015 June 28

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Delmar, New York
Dormansville, New York

June 2015
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Overcast, 57 degrees and dripping in humidity. I thought I would get soaked my evening walk but I only got soaked in sweat and not rain. There looks to be a good soaking rain to the north and showers to the east but nothing is touching the ground in Albany. The spring peepers are silent but there is a frog singing this evening. A bit of moonlight through the clouds. I swear I smell lady bugs, maybe an infestation soon out back? A few sprinkles as I write these words but still nice enough to sit out back with a cold glass of water. I’ve cut back on drinking so much beer these days as it’s not much fun as when I was young.

Later look for rain and 50. Tommorow should be a bit warmer and maybe some clearing by late in the day. Maybe mid-70s. The Independence Day Weekend forecast keeps changing but now it’s warmer with thunderstorms and showers for Saturday and Sunday. Right now it doesn’t look like a washout.

Probably leave on Thursday for Moose River Plains. I’m going to try to take off Thursday from work but if that doesn’t work, I’ll just drive up after rush hour in the dark. I have absolutely no interest in taking the Northway in rush hour for the holiday weekend. I’d prefer to drive in daylight as Cedar River Road is dark with tons of crossing deer. I want to have time to stop in Glens Falls and pick up some of the small fireworks now legal in NY.

Probably spend the weekend fishing, kayaking, hiking, and maybe some plinking up at Moose River Plains. I haven’t been up there since late September of last year. The vast size of the area makes it an experience like few others in New York. Plus the campsites mostly all have outhouses, picnic tables, and decent fireplaces which are always nice. Might camp at 56 or maybe one of the sites in the upper 30s. I have a lot of cheap target ammo to waste, so having no neighbors and a good backstop from camp is important. Camping at site 67 last Independence Day was quite nice too. Maybe hike back to Falls Pond? I haven’t been back there since 2012.

After Moose River Plains next week, I probably will head out to the Finger Lakes in mid-July. I want to hike the gorges and swim in the gorge pools in the heat of summer. With the Empire Passport, I can visit as many gorge parks as I want and not pay and additional cent. Hike Watkins Glen then visit the pool, or swim at Enfield Glen or Buttermilk Falls. Camp at one of the roadside campsites at Finger Lakes National Forest and be entertained by the cows chomping around on the grass and the farmers herding them around.

It’s 11 pm. Time for bed. Sleep well. – Andy