2015 June 26

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Criminal Justice
Dairy Farming
Delmar, New York
Empire State Plaza
Moose River Plains
New York State
Partridge Run Game Management Area
Preston Hollow
Same Sex Marriage
The Woods

June 2015
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59 degrees and clear this evening with a half moon above. Look for 50 tonight with increasing clouds. Tomorrow clouds then heavy rain in the evening.

Tomorrow is the Save the Pine Bush Hike at the Discovery Center. It’s a summer wildflower hike and it’s at 9 AM. I plan to attend. Should be a great time.

Before the hike, I need to visit the local Barber Shop and get a haircut. Needed it for a while but figured I’d wait until session ended. In recent years, I’ve gotten spoiled with session concluding about on time. But things ran over and I’m getting pretty shaggy. Plus the long hair is showing my increasingly gray hairs.

Got out of work at 1 PM today, as I’ve been working a lot of late nights including being in the office until 12:30 AM this morning. I went home and took a nap. Got up and decided to go fishing like I do most Friday nights. I was thinking orginally of heading out to Lawson Lake as an alternative to the Hudson River after a buddy posted Facebook pictures of the bass he caught in that lake. I decided to throw the kayak on the roof of my truck. Realizing that Lawson Lake Road might still be closed for summer camp until 5 or 6 PM, o decided instead to go to Partridge Run WMA. The ponds are stocked up there I believe. Ended up going to Tubbs Pond as I like that little lake in the valley and because I figured there is less fishing pressure there. Caught 5 fish, 3 pan fish and two small mouth. Tossed one of the small mouth back as he wasn’t legal. It was nice on the water and stayed out until after sunset. Will cook the fish tommorow evening when I have more energy to clean them.

Got home on this delightful evening and cooked up some chicken breasts out back on the camp stove. Figured sit outside and enjoy the evening. Wish I was camping, especially after driving home and seeing all the folks out in the hilltowns having bonfires on this beautiful evening.

Oh well, I have July 3rd off as holiday time and will try to get off the second. I think next weekend will be a lot of fun up at Moose River Plains.

Good night folks. Sleep well!

Same Sex Marriage is the Law of America

I never understood opposition to same sex marriage.
It's not a mandate or tax.
It doesn't ban anything or force you to get married.

This decision has no impact on those who
choose not to get married. It's only applicable
to those who choose to buy a marriage license.

Today it is a basic constitutional right,
that loving couples will have the right to marry,
regardless of where they choose to live.

It's about love and choice of partner.
Nothing more and nothing less.