2015 June 23

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This morning started out hot and humid. It was darn sticky before I got into the shower. But now it’s dropped off to 68 degrees and since the front went through mid-afternoon there is not much humidity in the air.

The best way to describe this evening’s weather is pleasant. The sky is partly cloudy and the stars are out. The crickets sing their song on this delightful summer evening.

Spent a fair portion of the evening finishing up Ann Leonard’s Story of Stuff, a book about consumerism. First was reading in the park then walked home and read for a while under a light hooked up to my pickup in the backyard.

Hopefully tommorow is the last session day. All of the long days at work has gotten tiresome. This week so far hasn’t been too bad, but I dread driving in the city and then having to drive home dead tired and have to flop in bed with the next work day rapidly approaching.

Not sure if I will get out of town this weekend. I sure would like to but I have yet another person interested in looking at the old truck wheels, and I’d like to finally get rid of them and get some money. The weekend weather is going to be cool for swimming but might be pleasant for hiking.

I‘d like to use the money to buy another gun with that money so I can practice with it over the summer in the woods. Not sure what I would buy though, as I am not sure I need a centerfire rifle right now. 22 rimfire ammo is still nearly impossible to get around here. Maybe a 12 guage shotgun to complement my 20 guage, which would be better for deer hunting. Also want to buy some traps to dye over the summer – but there cheap enough to pay for out of cash.

I want to get up to the woods though soon. I’ve only camped one week since Memorial Day Weekend and at this point I’m burning summer nights. Yes, I’m almost certain to get to Moose River Plains next week for Independence Day Weekend but weather could change those plans. So I really got to get out and enjoy it while I still can, as old man winter can’t be that far away.

Good night. Sleep well.

I hear that Congress passed Trade Promotion Authority for the President. This will certainly mean the demise of red blinkers on the backs of American cars. This is an exclusive American feature on our cars. Unsafe? Maybe. But it’s one of the ways that American cars are globally unique. Heck, even the Japanese have been putting red blinkers on their cars, to be more red-blooded American (and because America requires bigger tail lamps).

Where is the outrage? Red-blooded Americans should have right to red blinkers. Americans shouldn’t put up with foreign countries demanding we have ugly amber blinkers on the rear end of our cars. I’m sure the Republicans will put in a bill to protect the basic American right to have red blinkers on the rear-end of our cars.

Of course, if our American Automakers were patriotic but want to be trade-friendly, there is an alternative they could adapt. They could use clear glass and have yellow light bulbs. That way the blinkers appear white — blending in with the backup lights — until somebody hit’s the blinker button and they turn yellow. But that might cost Detroit 50 cents more per car and that is simply un-American.