2015 June 19

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Baatenkill State Forest
Charles Baker State Forest
Delmar, New York
Elm Avenue Town Park
NY Census - Race and Ethnicity
New York City
Schodack Creek

June 2015
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Map: Batten Kill And Goose Egg State Forest

Map: Batten Kill And Goose Egg State Forest

The Battenkill State Forest and Goose Egg State Forest are back to back and take up 983 acres combined. There is a small, grassy parking area on RT 313, just east of Eagleville Rd. The Folding Rock trail goes through the Battenkill State Forest, crosses briefly into the Goose Egg State Forest and then back where it ends at the southern edge. Round trip is a little over 5 miles and there is an ascent of 1260 feet.


It’s not been a bad week but just a long week. For most of the week I’ve been working from 9 AM to 11 PM all week and catching a few hours of sleep when I can. Pretty long dull days. But the weekend should be here and things should quiet down once summer gets underway.

I expect a quiet weekend this weekend as I plan to do some fishing and catching up at sleep hopefully not at the same time. I also want to get the spare tire mounted in the bed of my pickup so I can get out of town next weekend if all goes well. Might take a half day next week.

Next weekend if it’s nice I may get up to Piseco Powley Rd and check out the Potholers. I haven’t been up there yet this year but that’s the quintessential place to be in the balmy heat of summer. The following weekend is the Fourth of July weekend and I will probably head up to Moose River Plains.

Sunday starts summer….