2015 June 06

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Albany County
Delmar, New York
Henry Hudson Park
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Moose River Plains
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June 2015
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At the 10 o’clock hour it’s 53 degrees and clear. Chilly night on tap, frost expected in the Adirondacks. Tommorow sunny and 76 with clouds later.

Two weeks until the start of calendar summer….

At least for a few more weeks the daisies are out and the spring peepers will sing their song. Chilly evening out but still pretty with a million stars around. Before you know it though, the daisies will fade away and black eye susans will take over the fields. The colors of spring will mature into summer. The long summer nights won’t last forever.

Today I ended up hanging in town, working on the blog for a bit, then went down to the library for a while. Then I went down to the Mo-He-Con-Nuck Nature Preserve for walk and spent some time fishing and reading down by the Hudson River. Came home, had some drinks and food, then went for the evening walk.

Tommorow, thinking of heading down to North-South Lake for a hike, paddle, and fishing. If I decide to do that, it should be a nice day. Might camp over tomorrow night at my parent’s house.

Next weekend if the weather is nice, I am looking forward to heading out to Madison County and Charles Baker State Forest for the weekend. If I had known this weekend was going to be so nice that would have been this weekend’s plans. But still a bit chilly this weekend in the evening.