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Good Evening, Happy Wednesday. We finally got much needed rain today in the form of thunderstorms. 67 and damp out now, with some clearing and stars. Everything is damp and wet outside, but it’s a good thing.

Tomorrow will be slightly cooler at 80 degrees with thunderstorms expected midday. Heat and humidity is expected to continue through the weekend.

The holiday weekend has come and gone —  and is rapidly fading in the distance. Memorial Day Weekend while maybe the unofficial start to summer often is buggy, cold, and wet. Except for the pouring rain on Monday that pretty much describes this year.

Memorial Day Weekend starts summer and doesn’t end it, so no matter how sucky it was there is still a lot of time left for summer adventures. I’m still on the fence about this weekend, but I

Still exhausted and a bit disappointed after last weekend so I expect to stay in town this weekend. Going to be a hot one but that’s fine, I think I will spend some time fishing in the Hudson River and reading in the park.

Sunday the starting battery went dead on Big Red without warning and I had to jump started by some guys from Boonville who had a big black jacked up truck. That kind of sucked but I got to spend a fun evening with them drinking beer.

After doing some research, I think it’s mostly my fault – not charging the batteries sufficiently at idle and driving nowhere all weekend. I was listening to the truck radio powered by the starting battery.

Normally I get a low battery alarm from the built-in system butbut for some reason this didn’t happen. I need to get a starting battery voltage meter just like I have for the deep cycle. I think also I will pick up a hot shot jump pack. I used to have one with the Ford Ranger but it wore out over the years. I don’t want to get stranded in the woods with a dead battery.

And additional issue is the deep cycle battery and the to a lesser extent the starting battery is not properly fully charging. After doing research this week on the Silverado charging system, I learned I need to change the ground on the deep cycle from the engine block to the negative terminal of the starting battery to get a proper read of battery charge on the hall (current) sensor on the negative line of the battery. This will give the engine computer a proper read on both batteries charge, and cause the voltage regulator to keep the voltage higher until both batteries are properly charged.

I hope to have a shop work on this next week – it’s a minor adjustment, I just don’t have the tools to cut and create the required battery cables. But once it’s fixed I think things will charge much better.

Map: Square Pond and Fish Creek State Campground

Map: Square Pond and Fish Creek State Campground

The Saranac Lakes Wild Forest (SLWF) is 79,000 acres of state land in Franklin and Essex Counties. It is situated near the communities of Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, and Lake Placid.

The unit offers many recreational opportunities, including but not limited to hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, canoeing, hunting, and fishing. Popular hiking attractions include Scarface and Panther Mountains, Fernow Nature Trail, and the Lake Placid Peninsula Nature Trails.

Many people enjoy boating and camping on Upper, Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes.