2015 May 15

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Good morning, Happy Friday. It’s looks like we will be getting some much needed rain this weekend. Which is good because in Cuomo’s latest proclamation he banned campfires state-wide. Previously it was just campfires in the Catskill Park and brush pile burning (which depending on how you read the existing Pete Grannis regulations is already banned year round).

Which is fine as I was hesitant to head out this weekend in light of next weekend being Memorial Day Weekend. I’d rather spend my mileage budget on a three or four day weekend. Still chewing over where to go but North Lake Reservoir is still high on the list. It would be fun to spend a lot of time fishing and kayaking — avoiding the speeding motor boats when possible. I took the Friday off before Memorial Day Weekend.

The black flies might be bad up there though. North Lake might mean I’d have to keep the music down if I have neighbors within earshot — but at least I would stay at the same campsite all weekend, and use the solar panel for electricity. It makes it easier when you don’t have to head in and out of the site. The lake is pretty after dark. It would be fun to come back via Utica and hit up the new Bass Pro shop there. I have several ideas on how I could spend money.

On the other hand, Moose River Plains is always fun too. There things are a lot more spread out, so depending on the campsite I could listen to music as loud as I want and do as much target shooting in the woods as I bring ammo. The thing I hate about Moose River Plains is you have to drive everywhere — to trail heads, lakes, and so forth. It’s just so big. I don’t want to spend my whole weekend in the truck, driving around, as often seems the case up in Plains.

This weekend is Lupinefest at the Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center. I will be manning the Save the Pine Bush booth there this year. It should be a great opportunity to get Save the Pine Bush’s message out and hopefully get more people to our dinners and hikes.

Think I finally figured out how to properly obtain the OAuth token for the newest version of the Facebook API.  When I rolled out the latest version of blog changes, I updated to the latest updates. However, I could not get the OAuth token to update, which would have lead the blog eventually to be unable to update my Facebook page. After a lot of experimenting and researching, I got the newest version of Facebook API back up and working.

One week until Memorial Day Weekend. It is 45 degrees this morning with clouds. 72 degrees later with rain likely early Saturday morning. Warmer this weekend, the next best chance of rain is Monday and Tuesday.