2015 May 13

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Automobile Industry
Bennett Lake Trail
Elm Avenue Town Park
Washington Park

May 2015
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Good evening. Today’s cooler temperatures appear to have silenced the spring peepers but I’m sure they’ll return soon. Currently 52 degrees but expected to drop below freezing or close to it by morning. Partly clear out tonight with the stars showing between the clouds and a light breeze.

Tomorrow will be 71 degrees for a high with a light breeze and sunny. In the portion of the state south of the Mohawk Valley, red flag conditions will continue although the Adirondacks are not quite as dry.

The weekend continues to look wet for Saturday, helping to provide needed rain but Sunday looks nicer with temperatures reaching 82 degrees.

Well I hope you had a good day. Good night, sleep well. Going to be cold, consider closing your windows before bed.

GMOs: Missing The Point And Wasting Resources

"First, I am not compelled by conspiracy theories about mega-corporations controlling our food supply. That is just raw anti-corporate paranoia."

"Even more important, however, is that the entire framing of the debate is wrong. This is not about grassroots people vs the power of large corrupt corporations. This is about the marketing of some large corporations against the marketing of other large corporations. For example, Monsanto’s 2014 revenue was 14.8 billion. Whole Foods was 12.9 billion. The organic food industry sales for 2014 was 51.8 billion. The organic food industry has demonized GMOs in order to promote their own brand over a competitor’s."

Why It’s A Bad Idea To Tax People For Every Mile They Drive

Rather then taxing people for every mile they drive, they should tax people on specific congested expressways and intersections, especially during times of congestion. Raise the price, and people will consider alternative routes or use public transit.

Back in the day, tolling roads required toll booths. But now with license plate readers and technology like EZ-Pass, there is no reason why most urban expressways and roads couldn't be tolled during times of congestion for purposes of revenue generation and congestion reduction.