2014 August 21

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August 2014
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God Really Doesn’t Want Me To Get My Truck Back. The shop drove my truck to get the bedliner re-sprayed, and found the fuel gauge wasn’t reading, so now they have to install a new fuel sending unit tomorrow afternoon. At least that’s a relatively minor repair. Other than that it’s running good, or so they say. But they are still hopeful for getting my truck back tomorrow, abit later in the evening.

Good Morning! Happy Thursday. Tomorrow of course is Friday, which is the last work weekday before the weekend. Tomorrow I’m supposed to get my truck back, and this time I think I actually believe it. Probably won’t end up leaving for the Adirondacks until Saturday, but that’s fine, as I will miss the traffic, and hopefully get any work that needs to get done before I leave.

This morning is kind of damp out. I wore my raincoat down to the Park and Ride lot. During the mile walk, the only dampness I felt was my sweat from the rain coat in the humidity. Oh well, the rest of the day I will be stuck in air conditioned buildings, tied down to a desk doing work.

I’ve not entirely made up my weekend plans, but I want to do something fun, as it seems like summer is rapidly disappearing. For Labor Day Weekend I will probably go up to Moose River Plains, and probably get stuck driving up there in the dark. Oh well, I have headlights, and once I get to camp I can turn on the lights and use firewood I bought on Cedar River – Limkiln Lake Road. The weekend after that I will be busy, but after that I might try to do a September 20-21st trip to Moose River Plains to enjoy fall in all of it’s beauty.