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Group proposes new southern Adirondack wilderness

Group proposes new southern Adirondack wilderness

Great. Exactly what we need, more wilderness.

NY already has way too many wilderness areas, and what's not wilderness is forest preserve, which is essentially locked up as wilderness, as the state constitution prohibits cutting any material amount of trees over 3" for any purpose.

It's hard to imagine they could build any new roads or snowmobile trails within existing forest preserve, except where relatively recent old woods road exists. Otherwise the tree cutting provision applies.

So I’m out fishing today, on an old railroad bridge that crosses this creek. Most of the time today, I could barely get the darn worm into the water before fish were latching on to the hook. It was pretty crazy. I started out with a little trout hook, and ended up switching to a big bass hook, because they were biting at that on first.

Every time I dropped it in under this bridge, something got hooked quickly. Got a bunch of little brookies, several large-mouth bass, and bullfish. Ended up tossing most of it back in, because a lot of it was small, and even if it was legal to keep, it would be hardly worthwhile to take home and cook.

I ended up leaving after a few hours of fishing as I was getting sunburnt and tired of the hot sun, on the bridge. I left with 3 brookies, a 17 inch large mouth bass, and a bullfish. I probably could have taken more home, if I didn’t throw back the smaller bullfish and some smaller brookies.

So I go and tell folks, guess what, after dinner I’m going to finish off my trout limit or maybe catch another large mouth or bull fish or perch or something. If it was so easy earlier, I’m sure the fish still will be biting when I come back from dinner.

Granted, I didn’t catch much of anything after dinner, although I did get some bites. I did get a too-small to keep large mouth and a brookie, but neither was exactly what I wanted. Oh, well, that’s what you get when you get cockie.

Local Governments Rebuff Efforts to Turn Off Red Light Cameras

Local Governments Rebuff Efforts to Turn Off Red Light Cameras

Probably the biggest and most alarming threat to our country is the addiction to government spending. Nobody -- not even conservative republicans -- ever want to cut government due to their fear of cutting popular programs.

But the reality is, we as a country must come to a reckoning -- if we are going to create new programs and laws to deal with "new problems" -- we must cut old programs to pay for them.

We can't just keep on raising taxes, especially not on working folk. There is only so much money to go around in the economy